Xiaomi Electric Car first glimpse revealed, with advanced features


Xiaomi Electric Car:Xiaomi has released the first image of its first electric vehicle internationally. This is going to be the first electric car from Xiaomi. Xiaomi is a famous Chinese mobile manufacturer, their smartphones are sold in every corner of the world. And now Xiaomi is entering the world of electric car.

For the last two years, there were reports coming out that an electric vehicle was being unveiled at the show, but no specific information was revealed about it, but now the first image has been released by Xiaomi itself.

Xiaomi Electric Car

Xiaomi Electric Car
Xiaomi Electric Car

The electric car coming from Xiaomi largely comes with the design language of Tesla and support car Porsche available in the international market. To a large extent, this car is going to seem like a mixture of both.

China This SUV has been named SU7 and it is going to be introduced in China with a total of three variants. Includes SU7, SU7 pro and SU7 Max. According to the pictures surfaced online, it is going to be a 5 seater sedan with a metallic body. Although no specific information has been revealed about the car yet, we are hopeful that more information will be revealed about it.

Apart from this, it is going to be offered with two versions, first with Lider version and second without Lider version.

Xiaomi Electric Car Battery and Range

Xiaomi Electric Car
Xiaomi Electric Car

The SU7 electric sedan is going to be offered with both rear wheel drive and all wheel drive technology. The rear wheel drive version is going to be powered by a single motor that will power the rear axle. Rear wheel drive is going to generate power of 295 bhp, while all wheel drive will generate power of 663 bhp. Apart from this, all wheel drive will be offered with 368 bhp electric motor at the front and 295 bhp electric motor at the rear to provide power to the front wheels.

There are going to be a lot more battery options. It is expected to be equipped with a BYD battery pack. Electric vehicles are very heavy due to the weight of the battery. And the weight of Xiaomi SU7 is 1,980 kg, and if you go towards its top variant then you will get a weight of 2,205 kg.

The top speed of the initial variant of Xiaomi electric car is 210 kilometers per hour, while the top speed of the top model is 265 kilometers per hour.

Feature details
Xiaomi Electric Car Models SU7, SU7 Pro, SU7 Max
Design Language International design language similar to Tesla and Porsche
Variants Lighter version and standard version
Drive Options Rear-wheel drive (single motor), All-wheel drive (dual motors)
Power Output Rear-wheel drive: 295 BHP, All-wheel drive: 663 BHP
Battery Options Expected to use BYD battery pack
weight SU7: 1,980 kg, SU7 Max (top variant): 2,205 kg
top speed SU7: 210 km/h, SU7 Max: 265 km/h
Operating System Hyper OS, also used in Xiaomi smartphones
Launch Date in China Production starts in December 2023, deliveries begin in February 2024
Launch Date in India No information available
Price in India Premium pricing expected, exact details not disclosed

Xiaomi Electric Car Advance Features

Xiaomi Electric Car
Xiaomi Electric Car

Xiaomi is going to be using Electric’s Hyper OS, which is going to be the new operating system on the SU7. The interesting thing is that the manufacturer had announced the launch of Hyper OS for its smartphones some time ago. It is expected that Xiaomi’s smartphones will be able to talk to cars running on Hyper-AAS. No information has been revealed about when Xiaomi will launch it in the Indian market.

Xiaomi Electric Car Launch Date in India

Xiaomi Mass production of the SU7 is scheduled to begin in December 2023, while deliveries will begin in February next year. Apart from this, BAIC Beijing factory has also started testing it and the vehicles being tested have already been rolled off the production line.

Xiaomi Electric Car Price in India

Apart from this, no specific information has been revealed yet about its price. But according to some media reports, its price is going to be premium.

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