‘Oshomoy’ is a timely reality check on our society, New Hit Web-film in 2024



‘Oshomoy’ is a timely reality check on our society, New Hit Web-film in 2024: Urbee’s life came crashing down when her name became involved in a crime racket. Her dreams of enjoying the luxuries of life eventually led her to serve time in jail. Her case created a big upheaval in society, as the police, media, and court put her life on a pedestal. Is she really preying on and blackmailing rich kids, or is she simply a victim of the so-called ‘privileged’ society that tries to fake their image to live a double-faced life?

“Oshomoy” marks Kajal Arefin Ome’s debut in the realm of web-films, adding a new dimension to his already impressive portfolio, which includes widely acclaimed content like “Bachelor Point” and “hotel Relax,” earning him a substantial fan following. While the director is renowned for producing predominantly commercial content, “Oshomoy” serves as a testament to his ability to surpass the expectations of his critics.

A special premiere show took place on Tuesday at Star Cineplex’s SKS Tower, where dedicated fans had the exclusive opportunity to watch the film alongside the cast. The question arises: What sets this multi-starrer web-film apart from Ome’s previous works?

‘Oshomoy’ is a timely reality check on our society, New Hit Web-film in 2024

“In my mind, I harbor the aspiration to create content that not only entertains but also sheds light on the societal issues that require attention. I am genuinely pleased that I could capture the essence of contemporary times, as reflected in our trailer and poster. Notably, during our pre-booking phase, Bongo initiated digital pre-booking for ‘Pathaan’ and ‘Jawan’. I’m proud to share that the pre-opening demand for ‘Oshomoy’ surpassed even these significant releases on the Bongo platform, ” said Ome.

When asked which scene made the director emotional, he shared, “There was a poignant moment in the jail between Farin and Monira Akter Mithu. While capturing that scene, I could sense the genuine helplessness in both of their reactions, and tears welled up in my eyes,” added Ome.

The heartwarming father-daughter chemistry portrayed by Tasnia Farina and Tariq Anam Khan is what truly sets this web-film apart. The sweet fights and the father’s big dreams for his daughter, Urbee, were an essential part of the story. Tariq Anam Khan’s remarkable performance was loved by audiences, with many expressing admiration for his stellar portrayal in the web-film.

“My character has a journey who has big dreams for his children, particularly his daughter. He wanted his daughter to get a chance at a public university, but unfortunately, she doesn’t secure a spot. Determined to fulfill her educational dreams, he sacrifices all his properties, initially earmarked for her wedding, to ensure her enrollment in a private university. He believes that she will eventually marry with her own earned money. Unfortunately, his dreams shatter when his daughter is implicated in a legal predicament, leading to personal humiliation from his boss. Although my role in that scene doesn’t involve many dialogues, I conveyed the essence of a shattered man through subtle body language,” expressed Tariq Anam Khan.

Farin, as Urbee, totally immersed herself in the character; Her pathos of being wrongfully arrested and losing her loved ones proved that she is in for the long run.

The actress shared, “There’s a particular scene in the web-film where I was entirely consumed by Urbee’s emotions. She experiences the loss of a significant person in her life, and when she visits him, she simply breaks down in tears. ‘Oshomoy ‘ transcends being a mere narrative about a middle-class woman; it is a poignant story about an individual being unjustly punished for something she didn’t commit. The film highlights how, due to fate, individuals suffer irrespective of their social classes.”

Runa Khan skillfully embodies the character of Emily Rahman, a resilient and assertive lawyer, in the film. Despite achieving professional success, Emily grapples with the absence of happiness in her personal life.

‘Oshomoy’ is a timely reality check on our society, New Hit Web-film in 2024

Reflecting on her role, Runa Khan shared, “Emily is a self-assured lawyer navigating a tumultuous marriage with a husband who projects a self-righteous image in public. Despite facing considerable turbulence in her personal life, she exhibits unwavering confidence in fighting for her clients when she believes in their righteousness. It’s Emily’s confidence that attracted me to the character.”

Shashwta Datta, establishing himself with diverse roles, has opted for a character that promises surprises for the audience.

Sharing insights into his role, Shashwta said, “My character’s name is Shuvo, a spontaneous individual who relishes spending time with his close-knit circle, comprising Shimul bhai, Lamiya, Ishrat, and so on, Farin becomes an integral part of our group. . Farin’s character is that of a brilliant girl who develops feelings for me. Additionally, there’s an action-packed scene between Polash bhai and me that I’m confident the audience will thoroughly enjoy.”

While multi-starrer projects have been trending, it’s truly rare to witness a director skillfully weaving together such intricately layered stories that unveil the true faces of corruption hidden in society. “Oshomoy” is now available for streaming on the Bongo app.


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