Bihar BJP Vs RJD Poster Controversy; The real unfaithful is to Nitish Kumar. RJD said – This time the game of Modi government is over, BJP counterattacked – Nitish Kumar is the real unfaithful.


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NDA and INDIA alliance have started preparations for the Lok Sabha elections. On one hand, a meeting of the Coordination Committee of INDIA is to be held in Delhi. On the other hand, BJP and RJD are continuously targeting each other through posters.

Actually, RJD put up a poster near the Income Tax of Patna, on which it is written – Every day oppression of laborer farmers, Modi government’s game is over. In response to RJD’s poster, BJP has also released a new poster. Written on the poster – Sometimes he is our friend and sometimes he is your friend, the real unfaithful is Nitish Kumar…

Such posters have been put up in large numbers from Income Tax Golambar to R Block intersection. Wherever RJD’s poster is there, BJP has also put up its poster there. One thing is clear through this poster that it shows less talk of issues and more mutual fighting.

There was an uproar as soon as the poster was released

Many posters with such slogans are also visible on the walls of Hoarding Road in Patna. Here BJP has created a ruckus by writing neither policy, nor intention, nor leader with the arrogant alliance. There are less words on the poster, but they are going to add spice to the INDIA alliance.

It is written on the second poster of BJP – We have to distance ourselves from familyism, once again Modi is necessary. On another poster, BJP wrote – Gave no education, no employment… How long will Bihar tolerate Paltu Kumar?

The poster released by RJD in response to these posters of BJP. It is on the theme of the power of the poor, Rashtriya Janata Dal. It is written on the second poster of RJD – ​​We have suffered a lot due to inflation, this time Modi government will change.

Politics visible on the wall in Harding Road.

Politics visible on the wall in Harding Road.

held each other responsible for the poster war

However, JDU’s strategy in this poster war is not yet clear. RJD and BJP are releasing posters one after the other, but JDU is away from this controversy. JDU leaders say that the party has always stayed away from poster controversy.

Attack through words between RJD and BJP.

Attack through words between RJD and BJP.

RJD said- BJP is scared of our poster

RJD spokesperson Mrityunjay Tiwari says that Bharatiya Janata Party is following RJD. Now she herself is trapped in the knowledge that BJP is giving. Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav had exposed nepotism on the floor of the House.

He said what knowledge will BJP give on familyism. BJP itself is nervous. Our family is the entire public. This power is the power of the poor. The end of the party which ran on the money and power of some capitalists has now come.

Not a poster but the ground reality of Bihar

BJP state spokesperson Kuntal Krishna says that there is no dispute. The content written on the poster is the truth of Bihar. In Bihar, there is neither emphasis on education nor on employment. Just crime and jungle raj are important in Bihar. It is a government of criminals.

JDU said action should be taken against every party

JDU spokesperson Anjum Ara said that a notice has been sent to BJP leader Rituraj. Even after the notice, BJP is making mistake after mistake. She has become accustomed to breaking the rules. Action should be taken against BJP and the party which is doing this. Anjum Ara says that Bihar government has always been against these posters.

Now know how posters are made in Bihar

Whenever politics needs to be aired in Bihar, some poster or the other is launched. Talking about some interesting posters, on June 23, 2023, a poster came from Aam Aadmi Party, in which it was written that there is no hope, no faith, being careful is special for the people of the country, Nitish Kumar Modi.

The poster came on 17 April 2023, in which Nitish Kumar was described as the PM of 2024. In this, BJP was taunted.

In a poster released on 8 April 2023, along with the photo of Samrat Chaudhary, it was written that Hanuman ji destroys the wicked. BJP ends corruption.

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Now the system is playing against each other on poster dispute

BJP alleges that the administration works at the behest of the ruling party. When Bharatiya Janata Party puts posters on the walls of Patna, the administration remembers the rules, but the administration does not see the posters of RJD and JDU. DM had sent a notice to BJP leader Rituraj Sinha.

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