Women’s Reservation Bill becomes law. It will take 149 years for women in the country to become equal to men.


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Women’s Reservation Bill becomes law.  It will take 149 years for women in the country to become equal to men.

President Draupadi Murmu on Friday approved the bill to give 33% reservation to women in the country’s Lok Sabha and Assemblies. With this it became law. The Nari Shakti Vandan Act was passed by the Lok Sabha on 20 September and the Rajya Sabha on 21 September.

Even after this law is made, it will still take 149 years for the women of the country to become equal to men. Whereas, gender equality in the world will take 131 years. This estimate has been made in the Global Gender Gap Report 2023 of the World Economic Forum. The premise is that between 2006 and 2023, gender equality has improved by just 4% to 68%. If we grow at this pace, it will be difficult to reach 100% before the year 2154. Since in India it is at 64%, it will take 18 years more here.

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Now let us know the reason for this…

Access to Education: Two-thirds of the world’s illiterate population are women. 25% of women aged 15-24 do not even have primary education.

legal title: Women in the world have got only 77% legal rights as compared to men. 240 crore women aged between 15 to 64 years live in countries where they are not given equal rights. According to World Bank research, more than 100 crore women do not have legal protection against domestic violence.

Restrictions in the decision itself: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 20 crore women are not free to decide whether to conceive. That is why 40% of pregnancies are happening without planning, out of which 50% result in miscarriage and 38% have to become mothers.

Inequality in Pay: There are 57 out of 146 countries where women are more educated than men. Despite this, the average income of men is 39% more than that of women.

What is the solution to this problem?
According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), if food, health, education and good child care schemes are implemented, women can soon become equal to men. According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2023, it may take 169 years for women to achieve economic equality with men and 162 years to achieve equality at the political level.

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  • Food and agriculture organizations estimate that women farmers should be given the same resources as men. This can increase the yield by 20-30%.
  • Special programs should be run for the 13 crore girls who do not go to school in the world. Because, the World Bank report says that educated women not only have good health, but they also earn relatively more.
  • About 1.5 crore girls aged 15-19 years have suffered rape at some time or the other. Girls are victims in 71% of human trafficking cases, hence strict laws should be made for their protection.
  • Every year around 1.2 crore girls in the world are being married below the age of 18 years, there should be a ban on this.
  • There are only 36% women in local bodies of 133 countries, increase this.
  • We are at 139th position with 37% share of women in the workforce.
  • We are at 116th position in terms of giving equal price for equal work.
  • Big difference in estimated income between men and women, that’s why we are at 141st.
  • Women working at manager level are less in our country, hence they are at 124th position.
  • In terms of literacy rate and primary education, we jointly rank first with 25 other countries.
  • It ranks 140th in sex ratio at birth and 137th in living a healthy life.
  • The country is at 117th position in terms of participation of women in Parliament.
  • In terms of proportion of women ministers, we rank 132nd among 146 countries.
  • Only 17% of the companies in the country have women on their boards. There are only 2% companies where the owners are women.

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