Visakhapatnam DEO allays fears of teachers over salary delay


The School Education Department has alleged the apprehensions of teachers that there would be delay in the payment of their salaries. It clarified that the salaries of 10% of teachers are pending, and they would be paid before Vinayaka Chaviti.

Out of the 3000-odd teachers under SDE, apart from Gurukulam, social welfare etc., the salaries of 10% of the teachers were delayed due to technical problems, District Educational Officer L. Chandrakala said.

This means, there should be proper mapping of the teachers be done.

For example, Gajuwaka circle data shows 180 teachers, but actually there are not that many teachers in the circle. Teachers can be posted elsewhere like Pendurthi. So mapping should be done from Gajuwaka to Pendurthi. In this case, there will be delay in payment of salaries of teachers, whose names are incorrect in the circles concerned.

“But everything will settle down before Vinayaka Chaviti. If the issue is resolved, there will not be any delay in the payment of salaries to the teachers in future,” said Ms. Chandrakala.

There are 587 schools for SDE in the district. New posts of Mandal Educational Officers have been created. Therefore, the data of the teachers has been adjusted according to the respective circles, she said.


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