Tripura bye-polls: Cong leaders urge party supporters to vote for CPM


Agartala, Sep 03, 2023, TRIPURATIMES Desk

SudipAgartala, Sep 3: Tripura Pradesh Congress chief Ashish Saha and party’s MLA Sudip Roy Barman urged the party supporters in Dhanpur and Boxanagar to vote for the CPM in the bye-elections scheduled on Sept 5 next. 

Addressing a party workers’ meeting in Sonamura on Sunday, Saha and Barman said, “We urge the Congress supporters of the Dhanpur and Boxanagar Constituencies to cast their votes in favour of the CPM candidate”.

Incidentally, none of the top State Congress leaders held any meetings in the by-poll bound two constituencies. With a couple of days left before the by-polls, Congress leaders rushed to Sonamura and sought votes for the CPIM candidates.

The Congress leaders also racked up the Billal Mia issue and came down heavily on ex-Congress leader Billal Mia who recently joined the BJP. In a meeting at Sonamura on Sunday, Saha and Roy Barman claimed that Billal Mia wanted to contest from Boxanagar as a candidate of the Congress-CPIM alliance.

“We tried to reason with Mia that such a step is not feasible in the given circumstances”, Roy Barman commented.

Justifying the call to vote for the Left candidates, Roybarman said the need of the hour is to strengthen the anti-BJP forces under the ‘INDIA’.

He made a passionate appeal to the people to strengthen the ‘INDIA’ by rallying behind Congress to save India.

“I appeal to all of you to work hard, make all the party programmes successful and create a bond with the people”, Barman said and emphasised the significance of a strong Congress party.

Roybarman tried hard to provide a much-needed vocal tonic to the supporters of Sonamura after Mia and his supporters’ defection and said Mia’s exit signifies a good thing for the party.

He criticized the Modi-led Government alleging that Corporate sectors – like that of Adani – took huge money from the LIC, SBI and other institutions. If Adani manages to leave the country and take refuge in a country with which India does not have an extradition treaty – the big financial institutes will collapse like a pack of cards.

He said all the welfare policies that the BJP is now rolling out were initiated by the Congress and the BJP just changed the name of the schemes.


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