1. CPCL has begun producing JP-5 Grade ATF for Indian Defence Forces. JP-5 is a high flash point ATF meeting the requirements of the defence specifications one of the premium Jet fuels.
  2. A deep dive into the extended breakfast scheme of the state government and what impact it has on students.
  3. Mock exercise for rescue and relief during cyclone at vulnerable coastal sites today.
  4. WRD has appointed Netherlands based consultant to study feasibility of projects to increase storage potential in water bodies and make Chennai water resilient.
  5. Tamil Nadu Medical Officers Association ask doctors working in PHCs not to cooperate during inspections by officers of other govt departments. This comes after Collectors issuing orders appointing officers of other depts to conduct inspections at PHCs.
  6. Unidentified persons attacked a pawn broker and decamped with valuables in Thiruvotriyur.
  7. Chennai Metro Rail plans to borrow ₹150 crore for purchasing automatic fare collection or ticketing gates in the phase II project since the earlier PPP model for one of the stretches has been dropped.
  8. Farmers in Talavadi oppose new rules on power fences, to stage a protest today.