Sujoy Ghosh says casting Kareena, Jaideep, Vijay for ‘Jaane Jaan’ was destined


New Delhi, Sep 01, 2023, IANS

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New Delhi, Sep 1 (IANS) Filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh shared how destiny has played its role in assembling his ‘ideal’ team for the streaming film ‘Jaane Jaan’, starring Kareena Kapoor Khan, Vijay Varma and Jaideep Ahlawat. 

Casting Kareena, Jaideep and Vijay for the film was not just a random choice but a result of luck, skill and some good vibes. 

Sujoy said that it’s like they were meant to work together. Kareena’s unwavering interest in ‘Jaane Jaan’ brought Sujoy his ‘Maya D’Souza’. 

Speaking on casting Kareena for the role, Sujoy said: “It felt like the universe was at work because it was such a huge coincidence that led up to Kareena being cast in the film. When I first got the rights to the film, I told no one about it.

He continued: “It was right then that Kareena called me up talking about how she wants to be a part of a film like this. What are the odds. For me, after having this script for 11 years, having Kareena play the role of Maya made sense instantly, it was a meant-to-be kind of situation.”

Sujoy further shared that Kareena’s passion for the story and her eagerness to deliver the performance with utmost sincerity is what makes the story even more special. 

Now that he had his protagonist locked, the hunt for Naren (Jaideep) and Karan (Vijay) had begun. Little did Sujoy know that, here too, destiny played its magic and brought together two actors that shared a special bond since their youth, having been batchmates in college. 

Sujoy mentioned: “For me, it’s extremely important that I see the characters in every actor that is playing the role. With Jaideep and Vijay, they clicked with Naren and Karan immediately. As a director, you should always believe your gut feeling and the right casting is half the job done.” 

“Jaideep and Vijay’s camaraderie and chemistry has been undeniable, you could see the bond they shared from the get go. I had no idea they were classmates, but what more can you call this other than destiny?” he said. 

Sujoy’s love for the storyline, fuelled his desire to adapt the bestselling Japanese novel ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’ by Keigo Higashino into a screenplay, making it a cinematic experience.
A cat and mouse thriller, the film follows Maya, Naren and Karan (Kareena, Jaideep and Vijay), in a race where everyone is trying to cover and uncover the truth. 

‘Jaane Jaan’ will stream on Netflix from September 21.


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