Shimla: Washington Apple Import duty | Prime Minister Narendra Modi Congress Leader Supriya Shrinet | USA President Himachal Apple | Shimla News | Congress said- PM made commitment to the US President, Priyanka said- Government is doing injustice to the gardeners.


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  • Shimla: Washington Apple Import Duty | Prime Minister Narendra Modi Congress Leader Supriya Shrinet | USA President Himachal Apple | Shimla News

Shimla15 hours ago

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The Narendra Modi government at the Center can give a big blow to the apple growers of Himachal. Congress claimed that the central government is preparing to reduce the import duty on Washington Apple from 50 percent to 15 percent. PM Modi has made this commitment to the US President during the G-20 conference.

Congress leader Supriya Srinet made these allegations in a press conference in Delhi. He said that to please America, Prime Minister Modi has reduced the import duty on Washington Apple from 70 percent to 50 percent in the month of June. Now there are preparations to increase it to 15%. If it is reduced, Himachal’s apple industry worth Rs 5 thousand crore will be ruined.


He said that the Prime Minister is busy pleasing the American President. Before the elections, Narendra Modi had promised the gardeners of Himachal to increase the import duty on apples to 100 percent. Instead of completing this, Modi government is bent on destroying the apple industry of Himachal.

Priyanka also expressed concern

Priyanka Gandhi also termed the decision to reduce the import duty on apples imported from America as injustice to the gardeners. Due to this, American apples will become cheaper and Himachal apples will become expensive. Due to this, the purchase of apples here will also reduce. Priyanka has raised the demand from the Central Government to increase this fee again. He said this in response to the questions of journalists in Drang assembly constituency of Mandi district on Tuesday.

These government figures are the reason for the concern of gardeners
The concerns of the gardeners of Himachal have started increasing. The reason for their concern is the figures of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. According to the ministry, in the year 2017-18, when the import duty on Washington Apple was 50%, 1,27,908 metric tonnes of Apple was imported from Washington to India.


In the year 2018, import duty on apple was increased to 70%. After this, the import of apples from Washington reduced to only 4,486 tonnes in the financial year 2022-23. That means after increasing the import duty from 50 to 70 percent, the import of apples reduced by 29 times. When it reduces to 15%, apple imports will increase manifold.

This is why the gardeners of Himachal are in danger
The gardeners of Himachal are currently producing seven to eight metric tons of apples per hectare, while Washington is producing 60 to 70 metric tons of apples per hectare. Due to low production in Himachal, currently the cost price per kg is around Rs 25 to 26 and after the increase in apple imports, the demand for Himachal apples will end in the country’s markets.

Along with Himachal, the apple industry of Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand will also be in danger.

cleaning of ministry

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has given clarification on this in the evening. It said that 50% import duty on Washington Apple will continue. Only 20% duty has been removed on this.

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