Police investigate case of stolen gold jewelery in Chennai


The Anna Nagar police are searching for the identity of a person who stole gold ornaments from a jewelery showroom in Anna Nagar. The police have filed a case based on a complaint from the manager of showroom, and are looking into the footage of CCTV cameras to try and identify the suspect.

A senior official of the City Police said the robbery took place at a gold jewelery showroom in Anna Nagar’s 2nd Avenue. On September 30, 2023, an unidentified customer had visited the showroom, and, under the guise of buying gold jewellery, he stole it. The jewelery was valued at nearly ₹3 lakh.

The staff of the showroom initially did not find anything amiss but when they were checking their stock on Tuesday, they found five gold items missing. On CCTV footage the staff saw the man taking the gold jewelery and subsequently filed a police complaint.


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