OnePlus 11 is available for just ₹4,749 this Diwali! Best Deal Ever!


Diwali Offer on OnePlus 11: At present, the time of Diwali is going on in our country India, due to which companies of every industry are coming with many big offers. Similarly, many in the tech industry Branded Smart Phone Companies are offering many benefits on their Smartphones on the occasion of Diwali. bumper discount She has brought.

But many people do not have any information about these bumper discounts, so today in this article we will tell you. Diwali Offer on OnePlus 11 Are going to give information about. OnePlus is a very big Smartphone Brand company, whose smartphones are liked by most of the people. But due to their smartphones being expensive, very few people OnePlus phone Able to buy.

But due to Diwali OnePlus company is offering many… big bumper offers Have brought, one of which is their explosive offer. OnePlus 11 phone But we are getting it. OnePlus 11 phone was launched in the market this year and its price was approx. is ₹56,999, But on the occasion of Diwali, you are getting this phone at a huge discount. so let’s go now Diwali Offer on OnePlus 11 Let us know about the complete details.

Diwali Offer on OnePlus 11: This Diwali, OnePlus 11 is available for just ₹ 4,749, know complete details!

Diwali Offer on OnePlus 11

OnePlus 11 is available for just ₹4,749

This OnePlus 11 model phone was launched by OnePlus company in the month of February this year, currently the price of this smartphone in the market is ₹56,999 Are. But due to Diwali Offer on OnePlus 11, you will get this phone. Only ₹4,749 I am going to meet. To take advantage of this offer you will have to buy this phone Amazon Must be purchased by.

If you OnePlus 11 phone Amazon But if you buy it on the occasion of Diwali then you will get ICICI Credit Card upon using Direct discount of ₹2,250 You will get it, along with this Amazon will give you Upto ₹50,000 exchange deal Also giving offers. That means you will get a discount of upto Rs 50,000 on this phone through exchange deal.

OnePlus 11

You will know how much discount and rebate you will get in the exchange deal. which phone exchange It will also depend on whether you will do so, so while buying the phone, definitely check that your on old phone How much discount are you getting on what you exchange?

Feature details
Smartphone Model OnePlus 11
Launch Month February
Market Price ₹56,999
Diwali Offer Price ₹4,749
Offer Availability Amazon
ICICI Credit Card Discount ₹2,250
Exchange Offer Maximum Value Upto ₹50,000
Diwali Offer list
OnePlus 11


OnePlus 11 series smartphones are part of the flagship series of OnePlus company, which the company has February 2023 Was launched in. If we talk about the processor of OnePlus 11 smartphone, then it Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 The processor works and it Adreno 740 GPU with octa-core chipset Comes with. Due to these two things the performance of this phone increases.

OnePlus 11

Now if we talk about the storage of this phone, it has 1Up to 6GB LPDDR5x RAM And 256GB You get internal storage of up to. If we talk about the operating system in this phone, OnePlus 11 5G oxygen os Works on Android 13 with.

Feature details
Model OnePlus 11
Release Month February 2023
Market Price ₹56,999
Diwali Offer Price ₹4,749
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
gpu Adreno 740
RAM Up to 16GB LPDDR5x
storage Up to 256GB internal storage
Operating System OxygenOS based on Android 13
camera Hasselblad-branded Triple Rear Camera
Primary Lens 50MP Sony IMX890 sensor
Secondary Lens 32MP Sony IMX709 telephoto portrait lens
Tertiary Lens 48MP ultra-wide-angle lens with Sony IMX581 sensor
Front Camera 16MP for selfies and video calls
Zoom Feature 20X zoom
AI Enhancement AI scene enhancement, filters
Battery Capacity 5000mAh
Battery Life Good battery backup even with camera usage and gaming


Talking about the camera of this phone, you will get Hasselblad branding in it. triple rear camera Let’s meet. whose primary lens 50 megapixels Has Sony IMX890 sensor. secondary lens 32 megapixels It has a Sony IMX709 telephoto portrait lens, with the help of which the camera of this phone potrait wali Photographs are taken.

OnePlus 11

third lens 48 megapixels Has an ultra wide angle lens which Sony IMX581 Comes with sensor. In the phone you can take selfie and video call. 16 megapixel front camera Has been given. With the camera of this phone you also get 20X zoom feature.

In the camera of OnePlus 11 phone, you AI scene enhancement It is also available which, after the photo is clicked, automatically makes the color of the photo better than before, which makes your photo look better. starting to look better It happens. Apart from this, you also get many filters with the camera.

OnePlus 11 Battery

OnePlus 11

Now if we talk about Battery, then in this phone you will get 5000MaH battery Meet. According to tech reviewers, this phone Battery life quite good Is. In this phone, the battery does not drain quickly even after using the camera a lot and after gaming, so the battery backup of of this phone is quite good.

Price in India

OnePlus company launched the OnePlus 11 series phone in the month of February 2023, if you want to buy this phone then first of all Features, Camera and Battery Make sure to get information about all the things etc. only then go to buy it. Normal price of OnePlus 11 phone Is ₹56,999,And currently you are getting it on Diwali offer for only ₹ 4,749.

We hope that this article helped you Diwali Offer on OnePlus 11 You must have got the complete information about this, share it with your friends also so that they can also get the information about this. Diwali Offer on OnePlus 11 Details can be found about. To read more such articles, please visit our ‘Technology’ page.


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