Noida Lawyer Renu Sinha Murder Story | Husband Nitin Sinha Wife’s dead body in bathroom, house deal done while sitting in drawing room


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The police have arrested the husband of Supreme Court female lawyer Renu Sinha in the murder case. During interrogation, it has been revealed that husband Nitin was planning to run away to London after selling the house for Rs 4.5 crore.

Police have come to know that after the murder of Renu Sinha, a broker had come to her house. Nitin had made a deal for the house with her while sitting in the drawing room. Nitin had also taken token money of Rs 55 lakh from him to save the house. Not only this, Nitin had also shown the first floor to the broker.

Let us tell you that the dead body of lawyer Renu Sinha was found in the bathroom of her house on Sunday. The police had arrested her husband Nitin Sinha from the store room of the house early on Monday on charges of murder. After the murder, Nitin was hiding in the store room for about 16 hours.

Know the entire incident step by step…

Renu Sinha lived with Nitin Sinha in D-40 Kothi in Sector-30, Noida. According to the police, both of them (Renu-Nitin) drank tea together at around 8 am on Sunday morning. Meanwhile, Nitin tells Renu about selling the house. He says that the deal for this house has been done. In the afternoon the broker will come to see the house and give the token money. There is a dispute between the two regarding this matter. The matter reaches a fight. After this Renu goes to her bedroom.

First beat me, then pressed my face with a pillow

Renu Sinha's body was found in the bathroom on Sunday.  Blood was coming out from the nose.

Renu Sinha’s body was found in the bathroom on Sunday. Blood was coming out from the nose.

This is where Nitin first assaults Renu. Then he presses his face with a pillow. After this he drags them to the bathroom. Here he strangles Renu. Then he pushes. After being pushed, Renu’s head hits the tiles in the bathroom. Due to which she becomes unconscious and falls down. His nose starts bleeding.

The broker comes to see the house between 1 and 2 in the afternoon. Accused Nitin Broker is shown the first floor and drawing room of the ground floor of the house. Both of them sit in the drawing room and talk.

Nitin takes Rs 55 lakh as token money from the broker. Then the broker leaves the house. After this Nitin goes to the bathroom again. He looks there to shake Renu, but there is no movement. After Renu’s death he hides in the store room to save himself.

Renu’s brother informed the police
On Sunday evening, between 4 and 5 pm, Renu’s brother Ajay informed the police that Renu was not picking up his phone for 2 days. Brother-in-law Nitin’s phone is also switched off. After this ACP, DCP reached the spot with the force. Then two broke the door and went to the bedroom on the ground floor.

Here Renu’s dead body is found in the bathroom, then the police starts investigation. During this time the police get the documents and other documents of the house.

Kothi located in Sector-30.  Due to which there was a dispute between the two.

Kothi located in Sector-30. Due to which there was a dispute between the two.

The accused was arrested at 3 in the morning
The police repeatedly takes the location of Nitin’s phone. This location is available only in D-40. The police suspect that Nitin may be hiding somewhere here. Search operation is conducted. After this, the police catch Nitin from a store room on the first floor at 3 in the morning.

The store room has two doors. Both were locked from inside. One was locked. The police breaks the door and goes inside. Nitin is found there. During interrogation, Nitin told that if he had not been caught, he would have appeared with his lawyer or he would have fled to London. I was also born in Britain.

The female lawyer lived with her husband in the same house in D-40 of Sector-30.

The female lawyer lived with her husband in the same house in D-40 of Sector-30.

The deal was finalized 3 months ago
Nitin told that Renu did not want to sell the house. The condition of the house was quite dilapidated. I wanted to sell it and buy a house in Sector-26. 3 months ago I contacted the broker and asked to find a client to sell the house. I made the deal for the house, but did not tell this to Renu. When this was told to Renu on Sunday, an altercation broke out.

This is the file photo of accused Nitin.

This is the file photo of accused Nitin.

Renu’s brother Ajay Kumar told that Renu was suffering from blood cancer in 2012. After diagnosis, his treatment started at Apollo Hospital. After 11 years, he got relief from cancer in August. However, sometimes due to cardiac problem his nose would bleed. Nitin used to harass his sister.

Ajay Kumar told that on the day of the incident I called Nitin. When Nitin was asked to talk to his sister, he told that he was on Lodhi Road for some work. As soon as he reaches home, he will get Renu to talk to him. Shortly after this, Nitin’s phone also started switching off. This made me suspicious and I called and informed the police.

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