NEHUSU’s Protest; NEHU To Set Up A Panel To Review Its Outdated Marking System


NEHUSU ( North Eastern Hill University Students Union) had taken out a protest march from the University’s Central Library to the Administration Block to bring to light the collective discontent of the students against the unjust and outdated absolute marking system that they feel is hampering the career of students.

As per sources, NEHUSU members along with students demanded the implementation of a relative grading system that would improve the grades, by holding a sit-in outside the VC’s chamber.

NEHUSU finance secretary Mandor Swer Diengdoh said “We were informed that a committee will be set up to look into our demand. The university will revert to us within ten days”.

Moreover, NEHUSU also submitted a memorandum to Vice Chancellor Prabha Shankar Shukla in this regard.

However, North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) has considered setting up a committee to review the marking system.

NEHUSU further added that the low grades in NEHU directly imply its marking system and have nothing to do with one’s intelligence or academic excellence.


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