Nadigar Sangam and Tamil Film Producers Council call for self-regulation by media


Nadigar Sangam and Tamil Film Producers Council expressed concern over the manner in which the deaths of the daughter of an actor and music composer and actor Marimuthu were covered by a section of the media, particularly film-related news portals and video channels, and called for self-regulation.

In a statement, Nadigar Sangam president Nasser said the behavior of the media was inappropriate and crossed the line. “How can spreading the news of death even before the family receives the news and disseminating fake news and putting the pressure on the grieving family be justified? How is it right to sensationalise artistes visiting the grieving family to offer their condolences?,” he asked.

Mr. Nasser said the media must respect the feelings of the artists and self-regulate itself.

In a statement, the Tamil Film Producers Council said it intended to hold talks with the PRO union and create guidelines for the media. “We want to eliminate fake news disseminated on the social media,” the statement said.

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