‘MTV Roadies’: Gautam Gulati, Prince Narula engage in bitter argument, Gautam walks out


Mumbai, Sep 01, 2023, IANS

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Mumbai, Sept 1 (IANS) Sometimes even the Gang Leaders can’t fully stay united, and in their disagreements, a fight breaks out between Prince Narula and Gautam Gulati and leads to the latter walking out.

As Sonu Sood proceeds to detail the new Karm and Kaand, Rhea was seen instructing her members telling everyone how everyone has different styles and methods for playing while Prince also interjected and added into the conversation to the slight annoyance of Rhea.

Gautam on the other hand was talking to one of his own members, saying he liked to speak out too much and talk too much smack, so he’d like to hear him do it again to his face.

Prince again interjects, telling his contestant not to try too much but Gautam does not take this too kindly, saying that he’s trying to talk to his members, and as such he should be allowed to give his own instructions instead of rebuttals from others.

Prince, however, gets a little angry at this and says that he too is a Gang Leader, and even if he’s the opposing one, it is his right to speak, because after the tasks, they are all guides to every contestant.

But Gautam is having none of it and proceeds to get even more agitated and simply walks out, sarcastically telling Prince to carry on the whole thing while saying how he does not really let anyone speak quietly for 10 minutes.

Prince also gets angry at this, though instead of walking out he continues to talk to the others, telling them again that they have to play the game for themselves, and no one can really help them with that.

Rhea added in telling the others, how different players and Gangs have different methods and to not really let it get under their skins, and to use their head in these times.

Within the Gang Leaders, there is always a spirit of unity as they have to provide instructions on how best to guide their members, but it doesn’t fully work out at times.

‘MTV Roadies: Karm Ya Kaand’ airs on MTV and JioCinema.


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