Meitei women block roads, demand release of five arrested youths


Normal life in Manipur was partially affected as a result of the indefinite road blockade imposed by Meitei women from September 18 morning, demanding the unconditional release of the five youths arrested by the police commandos some days back.

All national highways and inter district major roads were blocked by the women at many places.

One woman activist told NEInfo that the five arrested youths were among the village protection volunteers guarding the villages against the Kuki militants.

She further said, “We are demanding the unconditional release of the youth. Without them the villagers will be at the mercy of the Kuki militants. The response from other women groups is electrifying. We shall continue to block the major roads till these volunteers are set free without any condition”.

Some police personnel tried to talk with the women activists to lift the blockade. However, the women did not budge. The NH 102 linking Imphal with Moreh, the border town, was also blocked at various places. No vehicle was allowed to ply.

Six army vehicles were proceeding from Imphal to Churachandpur district. However, after some hours of futile talks the army went back. Ten BSF vehicles which were proceeding towards Churachandpur district were also stopped at Ninghoukhong in Bishnupur district.

The combined security forces are launching combing operations and recovering sophisticated arms and ammunition most days. The women shouted at the police and security forces to disclose the source of the sophisticated weapons given to the Kukis.

Meanwhile, most of the valley areas are under curfew.


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