Martyred Colonel Manpreet Singh joined his father’s battalion Update| Colonel Of New Chandigarh Martyred In Anantnag. Anantnag Encounter Update Chandigarh Army Major Update| , Had unwavering love for 2 Sikh Light Infantry, were considered enemies of terrorists


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  • Martyred Colonel Manpreet Singh Joined His Father’s Battalion Update| Colonel Of New Chandigarh Martyred In Anantnag. Anantnag Encounter Update Chandigarh Army Major Update|

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Martyr Colonel Manpreet Singh.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Martyr Colonel Manpreet Singh.

Martyr Colonel Manpreet Singh of New Chandigarh had unwavering love for 12 Sikh Light Infantry Battalion. Because his father had retired from this battalion. He had joined this battalion in 2003 as a Lieutenant Colonel. But when he became a colonel, he was sent to command the 19 Rashtriya Rifle Battalion.

Now he has been martyred from 19 Rashtriya Rifle Battalion and merged into Panchatattva.

Manpreet Singh was the enemy of terrorists
Many soldiers from Rashtriya Rifles 19 Battalion and Sikh Light Infantry had come to participate in the last journey of Colonel Manpreet Singh. He told that martyr Colonel Manpreet Singh was the enemy of the terrorists. Whenever he got information about terrorists, he himself set out to face them.

They had killed two terrorists in a similar operation in 2021. For this he was awarded the Sena Medal. For this reason he was the target of terrorists. Now, as soon as they got the opportunity, the terrorists targeted them.


Son gave signals by wearing army uniform
Martyr Colonel Manpreet Singh’s family has a long association with the Indian Army. His grandfather had joined the army during the British era. Later, after India gained independence, he served in the Indian Army. After that Manpreet Singh’s father Lakhmir Singh was recruited in 12 Sikh Light Infantry. He is considered among those members who strengthened this infantry.

After this, Manpreet Singh also chose the path of infantry. During his martyrdom, the army uniform on his son’s body indicates that he will also grow up and join the army and serve the country.

The village is famous for serving the country
Martyr Colonel Manpreet Singh is from Bhadaudiyan village. This village is very famous for its service to the country. Someone from almost every house of this village is serving in the Indian Army. Till now this village was not known in the country and the world, but after the martyrdom of Manpreet Singh, this village is in the headlines.

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i am a national guard teacher
Teacher Asha Chadha, who came to attend Manpreet Singh’s last journey after his martyrdom, said that I have taught Manpreet Singh since childhood. He was an exceptional student. He stood first in every work in Kendriya Vidyalaya. It was a big thing to rise from a small village to reach the rank of colonel in the army. Every year, he used to inspire children about patriotism by showing his photo in school. Now after his martyrdom, children will be told about his life.

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