Local hero Aditya Modak’s ‘The Killer’ redefines experimental cinema


Agartala, Sep 05, 2023, NEINFO Desk

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Agartala Sep 5: Young filmmaker of the state, Aditya Modak is enjoying the success of his ‘The Killer’ which was highly appreciated in domestic and International film festivals. ‘The Killer’ took him on an award-winning journey helping him to win an International Award as well as an award in the Domestic Film Festival.

‘The Killer’ was screened at the Kaduna International Film Festival, Nigeria in August where he won an award for his film under the ‘Best Experimental Film’ category.  

Taking part in the Northeast Film Festival at the NFDC Mumbai in March, ‘The Killer’ bagged the Best Director Bronze Award. 

Aditya’s experimental film, “The Killer,” revolves around a hired killer who embarks on a profound journey of introspection while executing his deadly tasks. The narrative takes a unique twist as the assassin begins questioning not only the ethics of his profession but also the essence of human existence itself.

Soumya Chakraborty, Aditya’s childhood friend, portrayed the lead character, while Victoria Debbarma, Aditya’s school classmate, took on the role of a former lover. Aditya himself played the enigmatic third character in the film.

Explaining the term ‘experimental film’, Aditya clarified that experimental films push the boundaries of cinematic storytelling and form. His film, “The Killer,” falls into this category for several reasons. Firstly, it possesses a self-conscious quality about its identity as a film, offering a critical perspective on the cinematic medium. Secondly, it straddles the line between fiction and a video essay, resembling a personal journal entry. Finally, its structural choices reflect the conditions under which it was created, adding depth to the overall experience.

While “The Killer” represents Aditya’s first major success on the film festival circuit, the director/actor is no stranger to filmmaking. He has previously created a number of short films that have showcased his talent.

“The Killer” made its debut at the Northeast Film Festival at NFDC Mumbai in March and was subsequently screened at the Barak International Film Festival in Silchar in May.

The film also received a warm reception at a film festival held at Jadavpur University, Aditya’s alma mater.

Aditya’s other short film from this year, titled “An Unusual Afternoon,” has also made waves at various indie film festivals in India.

Aditya’s accolades included the Best Director Bronze Award at the Northeast Film Festival. His work garnered appreciation from diverse audiences and earned him a reputation as a promising filmmaker.

Aditya’s journey into filmmaking began after completing his master’s in Film Studies at Jadavpur University. He dreamt of creating films in the style of the iconic director Alfred Hitchcock.

In addition to directing, Aditya enjoys acting and has dabbled in other aspects of filmmaking, including cinematography and editing. However, his primary passion remains directing.

Intriguingly, Aditya is not limited to the world of cinema alone. He is also the author of the novel “Arachnid,” a science fiction psychological horror tale exploring themes of identity, existence, fear, and surveillance. The novel follows the harrowing journey of a government employee plagued by arachnophobia in a world on the brink of warfare.

Aditya pursued his graduation in English at Bir Bikram Memorial College before embarking on his cinematic journey.

Despite his national and international recognition as a director of experimental films, Aditya lamented he is yet to get any such recognition in the State. However, he mentioned premier English newspaper of the State, Tripura Times, always stands by his side in covering his film’s success.  


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