Let the movement against NEP which is privatising education continue: K. Dorairaju


Progressive thinker K. Dorairaju said, “Let the movement of students continue against the National Education Policy (NEP), which is against the aspirations of democracy, which deprives education for poor children.”

Speaking in the inaugural session of All India Democratic Students Organsation (AIDSO’s) 8th State-level students conference, which was held at Tumakuru on Friday that, “Governments have implementing policies as the puppets of corporate capitalists. This cannot be corrected without movements. History has proved that students are the lifeblood of these historic Movements.”

V.N. Rajashekar, All India president of the organisation said that the current state government has cancelled the NEP as a result of the massive movement across the state with the slogan ‘Save Public Education.’ But it is alarming that this same government has proposed to merge government schools that are part of NEP and give them to private ones. There is an urgent need for the students to unite and build a massive movement against this as well.”


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