Kidney transplantation from pig to human has proven successful, says nephrologist


Dr. Vasishta Tatapudi from Langone Transplantation Institute of New York, delivered the keynote address on the second day of the 6th Annual conference of Andhra Pradesh Society of Nephrology (APSN), here, on Sunday.

Dr. Vasishta talked about pig to human kidney transplantation, which was done recently in their institution. Genetically modified pig’s kidney was used and the kidney worked well at the end of two months also. He explained that some more such transplants needed to be done before it becomes routinely available. Present shortage of organs for transplantation can be over come in future.

Dr Shyam Bansal (Delhi) and Dr Vivek Kute (Ahmedabad) spoke on recent methods in matching techniques and paired organ transplants.

The Best scientific paper awards were given to Dr Nikesh Kamat, Dr Gopika Menon and Dr Ashish Peddu. As many as 150 delegates from all over Andhra Pradesh attended the conference


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