Kerala Nipah Virus Cases Update; West Bengal Labor Found Positive | Admitted to Kolkata hospital, 6 cases found so far in Kerala


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Health department officials said that the patient's sample has not yet been sent for testing for Nipah virus.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Health department officials said that the patient’s sample has not yet been sent for testing for Nipah virus.

Symptoms of Nipah virus have been found in a person from West Bengal. After which he has been admitted to Beliaghata ID Hospital, Kolkata. The patient (age 20 years) used to work as a laborer in Kerala. For the last few days, he was suffering from problems like high fever, nausea and throat infection. Initially the patient was admitted to a hospital in Ernakulam, Kerala. Where after getting some relief after treatment, he was discharged from the hospital.

After this he returned to Bengal, but after a few days he fell ill again. Then he was admitted to the National Medical College and Hospital. The patient was then taken to Beliaghata ID Hospital. A senior health department official gave this information on September 20.

He said that the patient’s sample has not been sent yet for testing of Nipah virus. In the last few days, 6 cases of Nipah viral have been found in Kerala. Out of which two patients have died. That is why the patient has been kept under the observation of doctors.

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On the other hand, no new case of Nipah virus has been found in Kerala for the last five days. The sixth case of Nipah was registered in the state on September 15. On September 17, Health Minister Veena George was asked by the media that no new case of Nipah has been found in the state, so till when should people remain cautious.

In response, the Health Minister said that as per the protocol, we need to be cautious till 42 days after the last case was found. 42 days are considered dangerous for Nipah virus.

Police is also helping in contract tracing
The Health Minister had said that the help of the police is being taken to trace the people who came in contact with the people infected with Nipah, because the people who came in contact with the infected people are afraid of getting tested. When called for investigation, they refuse to come. That is why the police is reaching him by tracing his mobile.

He said that the central team will go and conduct a survey in the areas where cases of this virus were found in the year 2018. Any ecological change will be searched there. On the other hand, teams from National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) are also surveying the district.

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