Kerala High Court Resolves Dispute Over Child’s Name | Kochi News | There was a fight between the parents for 3 years, HC said – name and identity of the child, there is no delay in this


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In Kochi, Kerala, there was a long-running dispute between parents regarding the name of their three-year-old daughter. When the two could not agree on a name, the matter reached the court. On September 30, the Kerala High Court, while hearing the case, decided the name of the girl.

The court said that the delay in naming the child was affecting his future. She was lagging behind socially and culturally. The child’s welfare is more important than the parents’ fight.

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The court said – we are forced to name the girl child
The Kerala High Court exercised jurisdiction over the girl’s parents to choose her name. The bench said, we are helpless, efforts to resolve the dispute between the parents will take time and in the meantime, due to the absence of a name, the child will be deprived of all facilities.

In such a situation, the court gives preference to the name of the girl child over the rights of the parents. While choosing the name, the court considered factors such as the child’s welfare, cultural considerations, parents’ interests and social norms. Ultimately the objective is the well-being of the child.

Controversy started due to absence of name in birth certification
The issue of the girl’s name arose when the mother went to get her daughter admitted in school. The school administration asked for the birth certification of the girl. There was no name on his birth certificate. The school refused to accept the birth certification without names.

After which the mother went to the registrar office where she asked to write the name ‘Punya Nair’ in the birth certificate of the child. But the registrar refused to register the name and said that the presence of both the parents is necessary. Since the parents were separated. They failed to reach an opinion on the issue, as the father wanted to name the child ‘Padma Nair’.

Court’s decision – father’s name added to girl’s name
After considering all the aspects, the court said that the mother, with whom the child is living. The name given by her should be given importance but also said that the father’s name should also be included as the society is patriarchal.

Ultimately, to end the disputes between the two parties, the court named the girl ‘Punya’ and also ordered to include the father’s name. The court ruled, ‘Balagangadharan should also be added to the name Nair.’

Birth certificate is now very important, government made a new law

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The Central Government has amended the ‘Birth and Death Registration Act 2023’. This bill was passed in this monsoon session. Which has also got the approval of the President. Now birth certificate has become an important document like Aadhar card.

From October 1, birth certificate will become a single document across the country. If you have a birth certificate, then in most places you will not need any other document. Till now Aadhar card has been used as a single document. Now birth certificate will also be required to make ‘Aadhar Card’.

It is necessary to apply for birth certificate within 21 days of the birth of the child.

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It is necessary to apply for birth certificate within 21 days of the birth of the child. But if for any reason the parents do not register within that time period, then later they can register under Section 13 of the Delay Registration Provision Registration Act. But if you apply after 21 days and within 30 days, you will have to pay a late fine of Rs 2.

If the applicant applies for birth certificate after 30 days of birth but within one year of birth, they will have to provide written permission along with an affidavit from the concerned authority and pay a fine of Rs 5. And if an applicant fails to apply within one year of the birth certificate being made, they will have to submit all the required documents to the magistrate for verification and pay a late fine of Rs 10.

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