IRS Officer Rahul Navin Appointed In-Charge Chief Of Enforcement Directorate. Sanjay Mishra’s tenure ends; Duty extension was given for the third time in July


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IRS officer Rahul Naveen has been appointed director-in-charge of the Enforcement Directorate (ED). Rahul, of the 1993 batch, will hold charge in the Enforcement Directorate until the appointment of a regular director or until further orders. Naveen is currently the Special Director of ED.

Sanjay Kumar Mishra’s tenure as ED director ended on Friday. On July 27, the Supreme Court had given extension to ED Director Mishra till September 15 and also made it clear that no further extension would be given.

Sanjay’s tenure was till 31st July
Sanjay Mishra was to retire on November 18 last year. The Center had extended his tenure for the third time through an ordinance, whereas the court had already said that Sanjay Mishra’s tenure should not be extended after the second time. Despite the Supreme Court order, Mishra was in office till July 31. It was during this period that the government had to appoint a new chief.

On July 26, the Central Government had approached the Supreme Court demanding extension of the tenure of Sanjay Kumar Mishra. The Center said that the review of the Financial Action Task Force is going on, hence Sanjay should be allowed to remain in the post till October 15.

The government had argued to the Supreme Court that no other officer has been found yet to replace Sanjay Mishra. They are currently monitoring several money laundering cases. In such a situation, we need some more time for new appointment.

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Supreme Court had extended Mishra’s tenure till September 15.
In response to this argument of the government, the Supreme Court said that keeping in mind the interest of the people and the country, we are extending the tenure of Mishra, but after midnight on September 15, Mishra will not hold the post. The bench of Justice BR Gavai, Justice Vikram Nath and Justice Sanjay Karol said that is not a picture being presented before us that apart from Sanjay Mishra, the entire department is full of incompetent people. Read the full news here…

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