Indore Hindu Muslim Boys Girls Viral Video; Agra Hookah Bar Raid Footage Controversy | Objectionable video of boys and girls went viral by giving it communal colour; know the truth


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Objectionable videos of some boys and girls are going viral on social media. In this video it can be seen that the police raids a bar while making a video. Boys and girls can be seen in objectionable condition inside the bar. It is being claimed that this video is from a hookah bar in Madhya Pradesh. Where the police had recently raided. During this period, a total of 30 people were caught in the hookah bar. This included 15 boys and 15 girls.

It is also being claimed that all the girls are Hindu and all the boys belong to the Muslim community. While sharing the video, users wrote – A total of 30 people were caught in the raid on hookah bar in Madhya Pradesh yesterday. 15 boys and 15 girls. The girls were from very good families. The special thing is that all 15 boys were Muslims and all the girls were from Hindu homes. There was not even a single Muslim girl. ,archive,

Screenshot of viral video.

Screenshot of viral video.

This video is also being shared rapidly on Facebook with the same claim.

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After investigating the viral video, we found news related to this matter on Bhaskar’s own website. This case of July 27, 2022 is of a restaurant named Sanjay Place in Agra. There were cabins built in the basement of the restaurant. The cafe operator used to give these cabins to young men and women at the rate of Rs 300 per hour.

On July 27, head constable Ranjit of Hariparvat police station, constable Saurabh Kumar and constable Gyanendra Singh posted at PRV conducted the raid. Two policemen were walking ahead and one policeman was walking behind while making video from mobile. When the police removed the curtains of the cabin, the young man and woman were found in an objectionable condition. Besides, a large amount of obscene material was also found there. Read the full news…

Screenshot of the news published on Bhaskar's website.

Screenshot of the news published on Bhaskar’s website.

During the investigation we contacted Bhaskar correspondent based in Agra. He told us that there was no communal angle in this matter. This would have made it clear that what is being done with the viral video on social media claim completely false Is.

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