I will go to hotel for Rs 2000…the matter is settled with the police. , They blackmail customers while sitting in the car…eunuchs also make deals by posing as women


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Charbagh area of ​​Lucknow. A girl came and stood next to the car. Looked for a while, then gestured to come inside. We nodded yes. She opened the gate and sat in the car. As soon as he sat down he said, he will take Rs 2000, if you want to work then do it, otherwise you will have to pay Rs 2-3 thousand in the police station. You are stuck now. All the girls standing here give money to the police. Finalize it quickly, otherwise I will create noise and get you implicated in a wrong case.

Let us know everything from one side…

As soon as the car was stopped outside Charbagh station, a woman came and stood on the windshield.

As soon as the car was stopped outside Charbagh station, a woman came and stood on the windshield.

Place: Charbagh Railway Station, Lucknow, Time: 10.05 pm There was a crowd of passengers outside Charbagh Railway Station. Amidst railway announcements, the sound of horns of vehicles was coming. We had just gone 20 meters out of the station when a girl wearing a black kurti came in front of the car. From behind him, two women were seen coming from across the road with their faces tied and sat in the auto.

We stood there for about 20 minutes. The auto in which the women sat remained standing at its place. Meanwhile, some men were repeatedly coming and talking to the women sitting in the auto. We also reached near the auto to talk to the women. Before we could say anything, a woman sitting in the auto said – Yes… tell me where to go? I will take 2 thousand. We asked where will you go? The woman said- We have hotel arrangements. We said- What if the police comes? The woman said- There is no tension about the police…there is complete setting.

After listening to the woman, we pretended to receive a call and moved ahead. When we reached the metro station further, we saw another woman there with her face tied. She was also looking here and there in search of customers. Many bike riders came near him. Talk something and then leave.

As soon as night falls, women stroll on the roadside.  Their identity is different.  Customers reach out to them on their own.

As soon as night falls, women stroll on the roadside. Their identity is different. Customers reach out to them on their own.

Seeing her alone in the car, she sat in the car
We made a plan to talk to this girl. But then I felt that if it was a girl from a decent family, there could be a problem. If someone happens to be with us, there could be a fight with us too. But his expression was not normal. So we decided to talk. We parked the car next to it. As soon as the car stopped, the girl came to us. He said- ‘Will you come?’ We asked him… “How much is the rate?” So a straight answer came from there – I have 2000 rupees, so should I go? As soon as I heard the girl’s reply, I understood that she was a sex worker.

Lowered the car window…the conversation progressed. We said- reduce something? Got the answer – ‘No’, go from here. After listening to him we said- Hey don’t get angry, let’s sit and talk. After some time she became normal and said, I have a hotel. When she refused to go to the hotel and asked him to go to her place, the woman refused.

Our conversation continued with that woman for several minutes. We were insisting on reducing the money, but he said that it had been discussed earlier. I sat in the car only after the rate was fixed.

When things did not work out, we asked the woman to get down from the car… then she said – You will not get down, why did you make me sit? Let’s go to the post. Understand the further discussion from the graphic given below…

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When we refuse to go to the post, she starts threatening us. After this, on his insistence, I move the car towards the post. The car reaches near the post. On reaching there the car stops a little ahead. She herself gets down and asks us to get down there too. After this she starts saying, stand here, I will bring the police. As soon as the woman leaves, some people come and stand there. But after some time he also leaves from there. I stood there for about 10 minutes, but the woman did not return.

Business growing from hotels outside the station
This prostitution business spreads to the entire Charbagh station and surrounding areas as soon as night falls. we proceed. Found a girl again. This time he helped the car stop. Then she came near the car and said, it will cost Rs 1500. Without beating around the bush, we simply told him to reduce it. He said 1000 and asked to go to the hotel.

We wanted to know the name and location of the hotel. He said, first you keep the mobile inside. After keeping the mobile inside, he said that there is Mohan Hotel nearby, there is another hotel next to it, now we have to go to that one. No fear of anything. Everything is set. There will be no one to disturb. We somehow got him off after a 5 minute conversation.

Wearing a mask, the car waits for the rider.
After the girl leaves we proceed to come back. Just a little further from the intersection, we saw two-three women in salwar suits near the auto stand. Everyone was wearing a mask on their mouth. The car stopped in front of them. Everyone looked towards the car to see that there was only one person there. So everyone came near the car themselves.

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Eunuchs also do sex trade by posing as women
During the conversation, the woman wearing a mask said Rs 1000. Then a woman in salwar suit without a mask came from behind and started talking. During the conversation it was revealed that the person in the salwar suit was not a woman but a eunuch. He said 500 rupees. After saying this he sat in the car. Immediately he started asking for Rs 500. When we refused, he started talking obscenely and threatening to assault us.

After the incident, get down from the car and talk to the auto driver standing there. So it comes to light that the police has information about them. Sometimes the police chase them away, but they come back again. They also say that it is their daily routine to catch a single person, beat them up and extort money.

A person caught in their clutches does not go to the police station out of shame. Because of this their anger has increased further. We asked- You people don’t protest? On this they started saying whether we should drive the auto or protest. They wait for the ride and leave as soon as they get the ride. What will you do after meeting them?

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There are two police posts about 200 meters from where these incidents of prostitution are taking place. At both the places we saw that soldiers were present, but remained unaware of such incidents. We told the constable that such businesses are going on here. Their reply comes that it is not from today.

A person trapped in the trap of sex workers does not go to the police.
Why doesn’t the police take action? Retired Inspector Ram Naresh from UP Police told us the answer to this question, “A person trapped in the trap of sex workers does not come to the police. He is afraid that the police might take action against him. In such a situation, when the case does not come to the police, no action is taken.”

At present, hundreds of girls and thousands of brokers are involved in this prostitution business. The hotel has its own commissions. Security brokers and conflict brokers have their own commissions. Every day hundreds of people fall into their trap and leave with empty pockets. If the police understands their responsibility, then these people will be saved from getting trapped.

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