Hit a parked bus, 11 dead. Devotees’ bus collided in Bharatpur, they were going from Gujarat to Mathura


Bharatpur4 minutes ago

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11 people died in a tragic accident in Bharatpur. More than 12 people were injured in this accident. After receiving information about the incident, police officers from Lakhanpur, Nadbai, Halaina and Vair police stations reached the spot.

The incident is being reported at 5:30 am near Hantara on National Highway 21 of Lakhanpur police station area. There was hue and cry on the spot after the accident. Those who died included 6 women and 5 men. All the deceased are said to be residents of Bhavnagar (Gujarat).

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The bus was standing on the roadside

According to the information, the bus full of passengers was going from Bhavnagar to Mathura. There were more than 50 passengers in the bus. Meanwhile, the bus suddenly broke down on the Bharatpur-Agra highway. On this the driver and his companion and other people got off the bus. The driver and his companions were adjusting the bus when an unknown vehicle hit them and drove away, crushing the people standing on the side. During this time, the drivers of other vehicles passing by saw unconscious people lying on the road, called the police and called an ambulance. The bodies of all have been kept in the mortuary of Bharatpur District Hospital.

Dead bodies scattered on the road, jam on the highway

After the accident, the bodies scattered on the highway. The people present there removed each dead body from the middle of the road and kept it on the side. There was a jam on the highway also. Police said that it is not yet known which vehicle caused the collision. The condition of the injured remains critical. He will be interrogated once he regains consciousness.

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