Gurugram Police’s revelation in Nuh violence. Nuh Violence Update | Gurugram News | Scrap dealers put up fake posters in the name of VHP-Bajrang Dal; The conspiracy was to scare others away


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Threatening poster put up in Gurugram and other scrap dealers gathered after seeing it.  - Dainik Bhaskar

A threatening poster was put up in Gurugram and after seeing it, other scrap shopkeepers gathered.

Now a new revelation has come to light in Haryana’s Nuh violence. A scrap dealer put up threatening posters in the name of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) to scare others away. His aim was that other scrap dealers would get scared and run away.

After which he will become the sole owner of the scrap business. Police have arrested the accused. The accused was identified as Asif. He is a resident of Sarkhad village of Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand.

Confession of the accused during police interrogation
Threatening posters were put up in the slums in front of Tulip White Society located in Sector 69, Gurugram on the night of 26-27 August. Crime Branch of Sector 39 of Gurugram arrested Asif in this case. During interrogation, Asif told that he has a junk shop in Sector 69. Many scrap dealers set up shop around it. Due to which his work was progressing less. There was violence in Nuh on 31 July. After this, there was an atmosphere of panic among the people of a particular religion.

The idea came after the announcement of the yatra again
Asif told Gurugram Police that after the Nuh violence, Hindu organizations announced that they would go to Nalhareshwar temple in Nuh on August 28 and perform Jalabhishek. The atmosphere was tense at that time. He also took advantage of this. He got the idea that if he put up threatening posters here, these scrap dealers would get scared and run away. Then he will do all the work alone. After this he pasted posters outside 200 slums.

Poster put up outside the slums by accused Asif.

Poster put up outside the slums by accused Asif.

What was written on those posters?
Asif knew that Hindu organizations were angry after the violence during the Brajmandal Yatra in Nuh. That’s why he wrote in two big posters – ‘Information’ All slum dwellers should vacate the slum by 28th August. If he did not go, he would be responsible for his own death. It was written below: Your father VHP. In the second poster, some objectionable letters were used and ‘Bajrang Dal’ was written below.

Slum residents were scared after seeing the poster, police explained
Asif was becoming successful in his conspiracy. When the slum dwellers saw the posters on the morning of 27 August, they were shocked. Everyone was scared that Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal had given them this threat. As soon as this was known, Badshahpur police of Gurugram reached there.

The police explained to them that this was not the work of VHP or Bajrang Dal but of some mischievous person. Both the organizations had condemned this and asked the police to take action. After this the police started investigating the case and then reached Asif.

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