Greater Visakha Citizens’ Forum appeals to VMRDA to not sell 13.5 acres of land near RK beach in Visakhapatnam


A view of RK Beach in Visakhapatnam. Representational image.

A view of RK Beach in Visakhapatnam. Representational image.
| Photo Credit: DEEPAK KR

Greater Visakha Citizens’ Forum (GVCF) has appealed to the authorities concerned to protect the 13.8 acres of land (popularised as LuLu land), opposite the Visakhapatnam Port guest house near the beach road here on Friday.

In a release, the GVCF vice president Sohan Hattangadi stated that the Forum stands at a crucial crossroads in the development of the city, but at the same time unites to protect assets like public land near Ramakrishna Beach.

“The Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority (VMRDA) is contemplating the sale of 13.8 acres of the prime land for ₹1,400 crore. This decision warrants our attention and collective action,” Mr. Sohan said.

The area surrounding the iconic RK Beach is already densely populated due to the high influx of visitors. Using this land for multiple businesses and residential projects will exacerbate the problem, pushing the area beyond its sustainable carrying capacity. This would lead to higher energy consumption, sewage stress, increased traffic congestion, and heightened pollution levels, which would mar the charm and beauty of the Beach Road and permanently affect the common-man from enjoying Vizag’s splendour, he added.

What Vizag needs now, more than ever, are green zones — spaces filled with trees, gardens, parks, and ample lung space. We yearn for recreational areas that promote community interaction and provide safe havens for our children and senior citizens, he added.

“We fervently believe that this land must remain eternally as the property of the people of Vizag. It should be a sanctuary where grand trees grow and nature thrives. VMRDA must reconsider its decision to sell this land, for it belongs to the people of Vizag, and we should not relinquish our family jewel for the sake of temporary monetary gain,” Mr. Sohan concluded.

It may be mentioned that the land was first allocated to LuLu Group during the TDP government before 2018. This is the reason that it has been popularised as ‘LuLu Land’. The YSRCP government came to power in 2019 and cancelled the sale to the LuLu group. The VMRDA had taken the land and planning to put it for sale through open auction.

“The sale process of the land has not yet been initiated. It takes some time,” said a VMRDA official.


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