G-20 Summit | New Delhi Municipal Council coordinates efforts to ensure smooth flow


Prime Minister Narendra Modi claps the table as he announces the consensus on the G-20 Leaders Summit Declaration.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi claps the table as he announces the consensus on the G-20 Leaders Summit Declaration.
| Photo Credit: Reuters

There are several logistical details and efforts behind the scenes of an event as massive as the G-20 summit currently ongoing in Delhi. Officials from various departments in the national capital have come together in the New Delhi Municipal Council’s (NDMC) disaster management centre to ensure a seamless flow of operations across the three days.

NDMC Vice Chairman Satish Upadhyay explained that the disaster management centre is providing real-time and critical support across areas of G-20 importance. Officials from Delhi Government, Lieutenant Governor’s office, PWD, MCD, BSES, DTC, Delhi Police, DTC, IGL, DJB and DDMA are present at the centre to coordinate and streamline any complaints that may arise.

We have received approximately 20 complaints so far, and have had the resolution rate of 100%. All these complaints were received internally, we have deployed over 3,000 ground workers and 440 cameras on locations of importance to monitor any issues, an NDMC official said.

Mr. Upadhyay said staffers from all levels including senior departmental heads to ground level workers are engaged in this work. We received 20 complaints which included 7-8 displaced billboards, 1 technical issue was found with a freshly installed fountain, a few non-functional light poles and others. All of these were resolved within a few hours.

Working on their tips, officials across departments filtered in and out of the centre. A senior NDMC official who was on night duty said, “All officials are highly dedicated and cannot relinquish our duties, this is an important event for the country and the image we put out matters.”

Four internal phone numbers have been issued so that complaints can be registered as soon as possible. Another senior official said, “The centre is based on the hub and spoke model, information is transmitted to us through several points and we forward the complaints to necessary departments for resolution.”

Additionally, the NDMC, which is the agency that looks after the New Delhi district, is putting in additional efforts during security halts to ensure no foreign delegates are disturbed. Cleaning, installing of flower boards and other such necessary details are being organised after delegates have moved out of a certain area or between 1 a.m. to 5 a.m.


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