Dubai KMCC alleges exploitation of Keralites by airlines


The Dubai Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (Dubai KMCC) has called upon the State government to start the proposed ‘Air Kerala’ airways immediately to put an end to airline companies looting travellers from West Asia to Kerala.

Dubai KMCC acting chairman Ibrahim Murichandi told reporters here on Friday that airline companies had hiked ticket charges from West Asia to Kerala and vice versa during the August-September season unreasonably. This is besides the 41% hike during the pandemic. Besides, the companies raise ticket prices whenever there is a rush or during weekends, he said.

Expatriate Indians in West Asia usually come home during the Onam season and return before schools reopen in the first week of September. Those who travel with their families are required to spend millions for tickets owing to the unreasonable hike. Companies are exploiting their desperation, Mr. Murichandi added.

There is a huge difference between airfares from Kochi or Kozhikode to West Asia compared to those from Bengaluru or Mumbai.

KMCC also complained about the hospitality in Air India express flights. They said the airlines do not provide the required support to passengers who are forced to alight at airports other than what they have booked. Besides, passengers being forced to stay without food or water for six to 14 hours was highlighted. KMCC offered to sponsor water bottles for passengers of Air India Express.

Vice president O.K. Ibrahim was present at the press meet.


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