Development corporation for Arya Idiga community promised


Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has promised to fulfil the Arya Idiga community’s demand of setting up a development corporation and also establishing a Narayana Guru Bhavan. He was speaking after the inauguration of Brahmashri Narayana Guru Jayanti, organised by the Department of Kannada and Culture on Thursday.

He said it was an insult to God to create caste or religious conflict in the name of God. “The forces that created conflict between castes and religions existed during the period of Narayana Guru too as they do now. Narayana Guru brought about wide-ranging changes in society without conflict,” he said.

“Narayana Guru asked people not to go to temples where they were not allowed. He asked them to build their own temples. As a result of this revolutionary religious movement of social reform, 60 temples were built in Kerala. The Shudra and Dalit communities who had no access to the rest of the temples could enter the temples built by him,” he said.


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