Crypto currency kingpin fled the country | accused made property worth crores Himachal Mandi Shimla News | SIT busy in finding out the whereabouts of Subhash Sharma; The accused made property worth crores


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Subhash Sharma, the kingpin of crypto currency fraud in Himachal Pradesh, has fled the country. However, two days ago, Director General of Police (DGP) Sanjay Kundu had claimed that the police had reached the kingpin. But Subhash Sharma, a resident of Mandi, managed to escape by dodging the police.

Police are now finding out when Subhash Sharma fled the country and in which country he is now. Although there are discussions about Subhash Sharma fleeing to Dubai, but the police is still apprehensive about it.

It is being said that Subhash Sharma, who has absconded abroad, has made huge wealth with people’s money. Apart from the market, he is also opening many bighas of land, flats, petrol pumps, hotels in Chandigarh and Zirakpur, many salons and massages in posh areas of Punjab.

Police busy in locating associates

Now the police is busy finding out how many more people were involved in this fraud along with Subhash. Meanwhile, a woman has been detained by the police for questioning in Mandi. The woman is accused of helping Hemraj in his accounting.

Police have arrested two accused from Gujarat

Earlier, the police SIT had arrested two masterminds named Sukhdev and Hemraj from Gir Somnath in Gujarat. Apart from various cities of Himachal, there is property worth crores of rupees in his name in Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh. It is being told that he had shaved his head to change his identity to escape from the police.

Other accused also trying to flee abroad

After strict police action in crypto currency fraud, other accused involved in this fraud are also trying to flee the country. The police are keeping a close watch on everything.

Fraud going on for four years

Fraud in the name of crypto currency is going on in the state since 2018-19. During this period, a large number of people became victims of fraudsters. Police department employees have also become victims of fraud in large numbers. After the action of SIT, people are reaching the police in large numbers with complaints in different police stations of the state.

Kingpin fled the country: DIG

SIT chief DIG Northern Range Abhishek Dullar admitted that crypto currency kingpin Subhash Sharma has fled the country. It is being ascertained in which country he is.

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