Claim- Earth’s electrons are creating water on the Moon. Scientists claimed after studying the data of Chandrayaan-1; Chandrayaan-3 also aims to find water


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Scientists from Hawaii University of America, who are studying the data of Chandrayaan-1, have claimed that Earth’s high energy electrons are creating water on the Moon. These electrons are in the Earth’s plasma sheet, which is responsible for the seasonal process, that is, their presence causes changes in the Earth’s weather.

Scientists claim that these electrons are breaking or dissolving the rocks and minerals present on the moon. Due to this, the weather of the moon is also changing. The study published in the journal ‘Nature Astronomy’ said that these electrons might have helped in forming water on the moon.

Earlier, after its launch in 2008, Chandrayaan-1 mission had indicated the presence of water on the surface of the Moon. On the basis of a research done by that mission, it was claimed that there is ice on the moon. After this, scientists estimated that due to lack of sunlight reaching the polar regions of the Moon, the temperature there could be below -200 degrees Celsius, which indicates the presence of water in the form of ice. Therefore, Chandrayaan-3 was launched on 14 July 2023 to search for water.

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How is water formed on the moon?
According to the study, solar wind made of high energy particles like protons gets scattered on the surface of the moon, due to which water is formed on the moon.

Scientists studied the changes in weather as the Moon passes through Earth’s magnetotail. Magnetotail is an area of ​​the Earth where the solar wind does not reach at all, but sunlight does.

Scientist Shuai Li said- When the Moon is outside the magnetotail, there is a shower of solar wind on its surface. At the same time, when the Moon is inside the magnetotail, the solar wind does not reach the surface, due to which there is a possibility of water formation. The study also said that Earth’s magnetotail consists of a plasma sheet containing electrons.

Understand in simple words- There is night for 14 days and light for 14 days on the moon. That means there is sunlight here only for 14 days. When there is no sunlight here, there is a shower of solar wind. It is claimed that water was formed during this period.

ISRO had shared the picture of Chandrayaan-3's landing point on the Moon on August 21.

ISRO had shared the picture of Chandrayaan-3’s landing point on the Moon on August 21.

Chandrayaan-1 mission was launched in 2008
ISRO successfully launched Chandrayaan-1 on 22 October 2008. India became the fourth country in the world to do so. Chandrayaan-1, launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, had 11 scientific instruments made not only in India but also in America, Britain, Germany, Sweden and Bulgaria.

Although this mission was for two years, but when it accomplished its objectives, its height from the surface was increased from 100 km to 200 km to collect data related to the gravitational force of the Moon. Meanwhile, on August 29, 2009, radio contact was lost. By then it had done chemical, mineralogical and photo-geological mapping of the moon.

Chandrayaan-1 had sent 70 pictures of the moon
Chandrayaan-1 made 3,000 orbits around the Moon in eight months and sent more than 70 thousand photographs. In these, mountains and craters built on the moon were also shown. It also sent photos of dark areas in the moon’s polar regions. The biggest achievement of this mission was the confirmation of the existence of water on the Moon. ISRO announced this after analyzing its data and two days later NASA also confirmed it.

The picture is of ISRO scientists integrating the Moon Impact Probe from Chandrayaan-1.

The picture is of ISRO scientists integrating the Moon Impact Probe from Chandrayaan-1.

Chandrayaan-1 took 5 days to reach the Moon
It took 5 days to reach the Moon and 15 days to orbit it. ISRO had achieved Mission Moon 45 years after starting its space programme. This Chandrayaan had a device – Moon Impact Probe i.e. MIP, which increased India’s dominance in the field of space science by landing on the lunar surface on 14 November 2008.

This device discovered water on the surface of the moon. This was such a big discovery that the American Space Science Organization NASA also patted India on the back for making this discovery in the first attempt. MIP was conceived by former President and great scientist APJ Abdul Kalam. It was on his suggestion that ISRO scientists created MIP.

Kalam wanted Indian scientists to leave their mark on a part of the Moon and Indian scientists of ISRO did not disappoint him.

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