Centre asks Kerala to comply with PM-POSHAN fund transfer rules for continuation of scheme


Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan greeting party workers

Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan greeting party workers
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After the government of Kerala raised demands for funds concerning the mid-day meal scheme – PM-POSHAN – run by the Ministry of Education (MoE), the Centre has stated that it has transferred ₹132.90 crores to the state. The MoE has further added that the Kerala government was expected to transfer the same amount from its treasury to the State Nodal Account (SNA), along with a matching state share of ₹76.78 crore.

“However, Kerala has not completed this transfer, rendering itself ineligible for any further release,” MoE has said in a statement.

MoE has notified of the same to the Kerala government in an email dated September 8 and the matter was also discussed in an in-person meeting.

During the financial year 2022-23, the Centre released an assistance of ₹416.43 crores including committed liabilities of 2021-22 of ₹132.90 crores to Kerala. The proportionate State share against this is ₹243.85 crore.

“As per SNA guidelines, any amount of central assistance released to state government need to be transferred to SNA account first. The Central share and proportionate State share of committed liabilities of ₹132.90 crore should reflect in SNA account and in expenditure statement of 2022-23,” the MoE letter stated.

In addition, the letter states, the expenditure statement of 2021-22 shows a negative entry of ₹8.95 crore against the Central share which the State government has not transferred.

Also, as per the SNA report, ₹20.19 lakh of the Centre’s share of interest is yet to be deposited. However, a relaxation had been provided till August 31. “Therefore, the State government may ensure that the interest amount is deposited to the Consolidated Fund of India at the earliest for further release of central assistance to state,” the MoE stipulated.

The letter further stipulates compliance of above observations to enable the MoE to consider proposal of the first instalment of 2023-24 under the PM-POSHAN scheme.


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