Center claims- Aadhaar is the world’s most trusted digital ID. Rejected Moody’s report; Rating agency had raised questions on security and privacy


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The Government of India has rejected the report of global rating agency Moody’s Investors Service and has described Aadhaar card as the world’s most trusted digital identity card. Moody’s Investors had expressed concern over the security and privacy of people related to Aadhaar card.

On Monday, the Ministry of Electronics and IT issued a press release and termed Moody’s claim as baseless. The government said that this report has been prepared without any evidence. More than a billion people in India trust it.

In fact, Moody’s has claimed in its report that Aadhaar’s biometric does not work in places where the weather is humid. Using biometric technology is unreliable due to glitches in the Aadhaar system.

On this, the Ministry of Electronics and IT of the Government of India said that no data or research has been cited in the Moody’s report. No attempt was made to find out the facts. Aadhaar number information has also been given wrong.

The Ministry of Electronics and IT said that the information regarding Aadhaar number has also been given wrong in the report. The only reference in the report is to the website of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

The number of Aadhaar issued so far has been given on the UIDAI website, whereas the report has wrongly stated their number as 120 crore. The ministry said that in the last decade, more than one billion Indians have expressed their trust in the Aadhaar system by using Aadhaar as their identity more than 100 times.

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