Bravery of 65 fighter planes including Mirage, Sukhoi will be seen. One and a half hour air show will be held at Vote Club in Bhopal, brave men of Indian Air Force will show stunts.


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Indian Air Force is going to celebrate its 91st Foundation Day on Saturday in Bhopal. Air show organized at Bada Talab from 10 am. In this, 65 fighter aircraft including Tejas, Mirage, Surya Kiran fighter aircraft and helicopters will display bravery. Governor Mangubhai Patel will be present in the program as the chief guest. At the same time, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and top officials of the Air Force will be there. The program will run from 10 am to 11:30 am.

Let us tell you that for the air show, the fighter planes rehearsed at the Boat Club from 26 to 28 September. For this, regular flights of Raja Bhoj Airport were also re-scheduled.

Women pilots will also be included

Air Marshal AK Bharti said that this air show will be on the theme of Power Beyond Boundaries. In this, aircraft and helicopters like Tejas, Dhruv, Jaguar, Chinook, Surya Kiran will show their power. Women pilots will also participate in the fly past. 30 fighter planes and helicopters have reached Bhopal. Of these, 25 aircraft have been parked at Rajabhoj Airport and the remaining 3 at the EME Centre. Whereas, other planes will fly from Gwalior and Agra.

Rehearsal was conducted by the Air Force in Bhopal for the last three days.

Rehearsal was conducted by the Air Force in Bhopal for the last three days.

In this way Johar will show planes one after the other

  • The program will start with Akash Ganga. In this, Mi-17 helicopter will fly from Bhopal only. 10 parajumpers will be present in it. During this time they will jump.
  • Under Bhima display, 2 Chinook helicopters which will take off from Bhopal. Will show bravery over the big pond.
  • After this, there will be 4 Chetak helicopters and 3 Kiran MK-2 fighter planes under the flag display, these will fly from Bhopal.
  • Rudra helicopter will be visible in the sky in Vic formation. This will also take off from Bhopal.
  • Gajraj display of Air Force big aircraft will be seen. In this, one IL 78 will fly from Agra and 2 other M-2000 planes will fly from Gwalior.
  • After this, cloud display will be seen in stable refueling formation. In this, all three planes will take off from Gwalior.
  • Shamsher Display 5 Jaguars will take off from Gwalior in arrowhead position.
  • India will see a co-ordinated low level aerobatics formation on display at the show. In this, one plane will take off from Bhopal and the other from Gwalior.
  • Then three SU 30 fighter aircraft will be launched from Gwalior in the Trishul display.
  • In the show, 4 ALH helicopters will fly from Bhopal under Sarang display.
  • Finally, in the Surya Kiran display, 9 Hawk aircraft (Surya Kiran) will perform acrobatics in the sky flying from Bhopal.

People of Bhopal can watch air show from these areas

  • VIP Road
  • sand ghat
  • Kamala Park Road
  • Raja Bhoj Bridge
  • Karbala
  • Vardhaman Park
  • Sheetal Das’s Garden

Air Force liked Bhopal for air show

Air Marshal AK Bharti said that every year we do shows in a new city. This time came to Bhopal. Although Bhopal is a good city. The Air Force liked it. Along with this, there was a study that fighter planes always have problems with birds. But, according to the survey, less birds were found here at standard height, which is a good thing for the air show.

Aircrafts that display Jauhar in the sky and their specialty

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