Asian Games 2023 Updates; Neeraj Chopra Match| Panipat Haryana Will be defending the gold medal in the Asian Games; Rival Pakistani player out of game due to injury


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Neeraj Chopra's match today in the Asian Games will start at 4:30 pm Indian time.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Neeraj Chopra’s match today in the Asian Games will start at 4:30 pm Indian time.

Today is the 11th day of the 19th Asian Games. India’s Neeraj Chopra also has a match today. Not only the country but the world is keeping an eye on their match. When Neeraj will enter the field for the men’s javelin throw event on Wednesday, he will aim to defend his gold medal and end the season on a high note.

Chopra, one of India’s greatest athletes, may have his task made easier as his nearest rival and World Championship silver medalist Arshad Nadeem has pulled out of the Games due to an old knee injury. Neeraj’s match will start at 4:30 pm Indian time.

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Have competed together with Nadeem 9 times
World champion Neeraj Chopra has won every competition against Nadeem so far. The two have competed together a total of 9 times. This also includes the 2018 Asian Games, where Pakistani players were third while Indian players were on top. However, Chopra has not been able to cover the distance of 90 meters till now, whereas Nadeem has achieved it.

These are the equations of Neeraj’s victory
Neeraj could not do anything special in the finals of the Diamond League held in Eugene, America and stood second. Then he made his best throw of 83.80 meters. He finished behind Jakub Vadlech of the Czech Republic. However, Wadlech will not be in this competition. He could have faced tough competition from Nadeem only, but now even Nadeem will not be seen playing.

In such a situation, Neeraj can win the gold medal. Neeraj had thrown the javelin 88.67 meters in the Doha Diamond League this year, while in the Lausanne Diamond League he had won with 87.66 meters. Finished second in the Zurich Diamond League with a best attempt of 85.71. At the same time, Neeraj won the gold medal in the World Championship.

While talking to family members on phone, he said that history will repeat.
Neeraj Chopra’s uncle Bhim Chopra told that he had talked to Neeraj only 6 days ago and he told that he is completely ready for the game. This time too he will live up to the expectations of the countrymen and will definitely give the country a gold medal.

Neeraj had told on the phone that he once again wants to repeat the championship medal series he won. The medals he has won have to be won once again. For this he is working hard.

Bhim Chopra told that Neeraj Chopra has been working hard continuously for the last 11 years. To achieve something, some sacrifices have to be made. Neeraj has made a sacrifice by staying away from his family and has made himself capable of this.

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