Announcement in June… then where is the police recruitment stuck? , The government is not able to find a company to conduct the examination; Thousands of students are getting overaged while waiting.


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June 2023…Yogi government announced that it is going to recruit about 62 thousand posts in UP Police. Notification will be issued by July 15. This news filled the youth who had been waiting for 5 years with hope. He started preparing. Coaching institutes started making batches. 15th July passed. Notification not issued. Then 15th August and 15th September also passed but nothing was found about the notification. The youth who were excited about recruitment were again filled with hopelessness.

Now the question is when the government announced the number of posts. If the recruitment is announced, then where is the recruitment stuck? Is it not the government’s intention to carry out recruitment or is there some other reason which has become a hindrance. Today monday special Know the complete story of police recruitment in…

No recruitment of civil police for last 5 years
The youth have been struggling for a long time for the demand of police recruitment in UP. The last recruitment in Civil Police was done by the government in December 2018. At that time there was recruitment on 49,568 posts. Even before this, in January 2018, recruitment was done on 41,520 posts.

There was talk of recruitment in 2019 and 2020 but no notification was issued. 2020-21 was badly affected by the Corona epidemic, so when the situation became normal, the demand for recruitment started rising again.

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Elections were to be held in early 2022. On January 8, 2022, the government announced the recruitment for 26,210 posts of constable and 172 posts of fireman. Talked about issuing tender of the company conducting the examination. But the very next week the code of conduct was imposed. Election took place. BJP government came to power with full majority but there was no talk of this recruitment.

2022 is completely over. On January 6, 2023, Cabinet Minister Suresh Khanna again announced recruitment. While tweeting, he wrote – UP Police Recruitment and Promotion Board will soon issue recruitment notification for 35,700 posts of Constable, GD and Fireman. The news of his early release gave hope to the youth. He started preparing. But there was no such thing as soon. Several months elapsed. No notification of police recruitment was issued.

Announcement of recruitment on 62 thousand posts in June
In the month of June, the government once again promised to provide police recruitment. This time 62,424 posts were announced. There are 52,699 posts of constable in this. 2469 posts of Sub-Inspector. Apart from this, recruitment is to be done on 2430 posts of Radio Cadre, 545 posts of Clerical Cadre and 927 posts of Computer Operator. It was said by the government that the recruitment notification will be issued by July 15. After July 15, August 15 and September 15 also passed, but the notification was not issued.

Where is the recruitment stuck?
The government announced the recruitment but no agency was found to conduct the examination. After this the department invited companies for EOI i.e. Expression of Interest. Companies were asked to send applications between August 19 and August 25. In the application form, the department wrote, ’20 to 25 lakh candidates can appear in this examination.’ 25th August passed but no company took the responsibility of conducting the examination.

On September 5, the department again appealed to the companies to apply. This time 20 days time was given. That means companies had to send EOI by 25th September. The government has written in its advertisement that this time 12 to 15 lakh youth will participate in the recruitment.

Companies had to send EOI to within the stipulated time. Also, its hard copy was to be sent to the office of UP Police Recruitment and Promotion Board in the name of Additional Secretary. It is not yet known how many applications have come this time.

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The inside news is also that initially TCS i.e. Tata Consultancy Services had shown interest in conducting the examination and had also applied. But since only one company applied, the department canceled this tender and asked for EOI again. This time TCS did not apply.

It is believed that in the last SI recruitment of UP Police, they took back their steps due to the intrusion of copying mafias. It is noteworthy that there was huge rigging in SI recruitment, more than 120 people associated with this recruitment were arrested on charges of rigging.

Consideration of conducting the examination in hybrid mode
The UP government is badly plagued by copying mafias. Therefore, it is also considering changing the format of the examination. There is a possibility that UP Police recruitment may be conducted under hybrid exam policy. In this policy, the question paper will appear on the computer kept in front of the candidate at the examination centre. The candidate will have to enter the answers to those questions on the OMR sheet. The result will be prepared on the basis of this.

However, implementing hybrid exam policy is not easy. To create this new system, a new policy will also have to be made. It also has to be seen whether doing this can stop copying? Can Solver find the solution to the gang’s electronic devices? There are many more questions which remain a challenge for the hybrid exam policy. Neither was he able to take a decision on this policy, which started during the tenure of former DGP RK Vishwakarma, nor has any decision been taken till now.

  • We tried to talk to the existing officers regarding new recruitment. Mailed. Called. But no response of any kind was received.

However, implementing hybrid exam policy is not easy. To create this new system, a new policy will also have to be made. It also has to be seen whether doing this can stop copying? Can Solver find the solution to the gang’s electronic devices? There are many more questions which remain a challenge for the hybrid exam policy.

Thousands of students became overage without appearing in any recruitment.
According to the age limit in UP Police Recruitment, only male candidates of general category whose age is between 18 to 23 years can apply. In such a situation, the candidates who turned 18 in 2018 are now 23 years old. He regrets that despite preparation, he became overage without joining any recruitment. Many such students have written a letter to CM Yogi demanding increase in the age limit.

  • BJP MLA Veer Vikram Singh also wrote a letter to the CM on this issue. He has appealed to the CM that the age limit for this recruitment should be increased from 23 to 25.

We talked to some youth in this regard. Anshika says, if recruitment comes this year then we will be able to join it. But if it doesn’t come then all our preparations will go in vain. Anshuman says, my father is the only earning person in my house. Sister wants to become a teacher, she is preparing for Tet. I want to join the police, so I am preparing here. Both get assurance from the government but not recruitment.

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Deepak, who had prepared in Prayagraj, now prepares at his home in Pratapgarh. He says that he spent around Rs 1 lakh while staying in Prayagraj. But till now the government is only making promises. This is our last year. If recruitment does not come this year also, we will never be able to participate in police recruitment.

Overall, the government’s recruitment announcement gave hope to the youth. But the delay in issuing the notification is troubling them. Because every passing day hundreds of youth in the state are becoming older.

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