AILU condemns attacks on advocates in Manipur


All India Lawyers’ Union (AILU) national vice-president Sunkara Rajendra Prasad and joint secretary Narra Srinivasa Rao have condemned the attacks and intimidation of the advocates who are appearing for Kuki professor Kham Khan Suan Hausing, who is facing a criminal trial for allegedly making objectionable comments on the Meitei community, in the Manipur High Court. 

They stated in a press release that the attacks and threats amounted to infringement of the advocates’ right to practice the legal profession freely and without fear. It was due to the fear of reprisals that advocates Victor Chongtham, Chitarajan, Th. Zingo and Priyokumar Sharma decided not to appear for Professor Hausing. 

The attacks were a reflection of the complete breakdown of the administrative and Constitutional machinery in Manipur, caused by the Central and the State governments’ failure to protect the people and their lives and property. This was nothing but a new method of perpetration of genocide, the AILU leaders stated, demanding that stern action be taken against the culprits. 


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