A guided visit for public to the new orchadarium in Visakhapatnam


A view of the orchidarium in Visakhapatnam.

A view of the orchidarium in Visakhapatnam.
| Photo Credit: KR Deepak

In an effort to conserve the wild orchids of the Eastern Ghats and spread awareness on the species, Andhra Pradesh Forest Department, Visakhapatnam division, will be conducting a guided visit for the public at the newly established orchidarium on September 9. The orchidarium is located at the upcoming Eastern Ghats Biodiversity Centre near the Forest Central Nursery.

About 25 species of orchids, a majority from the Eastern Ghats region and a few hybrids, are part of the orchidarium. The guided visit is planned for a limited number of participants.

“Participants will learn about tropical orchids, ferns and their associate species and how to grow and care for orchids,” says A Yagnapathy, Project Scientist, Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary, who will be hosting the visit. The orchidarium is a temperature-controlled, protected area that optimises environmental conditions for different varieties of orchids to thrive. The new orchidarium features species like Dendrobium aphyllum, Cymbidium aloifolium and Vanda tessellata. “Many of the species have been procured from Anantagiri and Maredumilli. Visitors will be able to view some of the orchids in bloom now,” adds Yagnapathy. To replicate the natural ecosystem, species like geckos, centipedes, butterfly larva and caterpillars are also introduced at the orchidarium which has an automated mist chamber.

As of now, the orchidarium will be open for guided visits with prior permission from the AP Forest Department.

A registration fee of 150 will be charged for the guided visit on September 9, 8am to 9am. To register, contact 9515405972.


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