8 year old girl’s body bitten and raped. Coaxed him into the bushes, tried to make him drink alcohol; The girl is now afraid to go out


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An eight year old girl who was playing outside her house. It was around 12 noon. The girl’s father had gone to work, mother was working at home. The younger brother was playing with him. Then a 50 year old man came there. He lived nearby so the girl already knew him. The man lured the girl to the shop to buy goods, so she went with him.

The man took the girl to a deserted area with bushes, about 500 meters away from the house. Threw the girl on the ground and tried to make her drink alcohol. When the girl screamed, her mouth was pressed. They bit her body and then raped her. After that the girl was threatened and left near her house.

The girl staggered towards her mother and told her the whole story. Now she is neither able to sleep at night nor wants to go out of the house. The marks on his body do not let him forget that incident.

What is the whole story of that girl? What unbearable pain is she going through at this young age? To know all this we reached the girl’s house. Let us know his story page by page…

5 year old girl was playing in front of the house and went missing from there

The girl's family told that she was playing with her brother.  When she did not return for two hours, they started searching.

The girl’s family told that she was playing with her brother. When she did not return for two hours, they started searching.

18 September. It will be around 12 noon. An 8 year old girl was sitting near her mother and talking. She was also helping him in some small tasks. There were only the girl, her mother and younger brother in the house. Mother finished some household work and started cooking. The girl had food and then insisted on playing outside.

His mother sent him outside the house to play with his younger brother. The girl used to play there every day. That place was just 200 meters away from the house and there was no fear there. Everyone also knew each other. The girl started playing there with her younger brother and the children of the locality. Mother completed all the household chores. Now there was just waiting for both the children to return home.

About 2 hours passed. When the children did not return, the mother went out to look for them. The girl’s brother was playing there with some friends. But the girl was not there. The mother looked around but the girl was nowhere to be seen.

The girl’s younger brother told that uncle has taken her somewhere
When the girl was not seen, the mother started searching everywhere. People from nearby also gathered. The search for the girl started. Searched everywhere. Roads, shops, neighbours’ houses were searched everywhere but the girl was not seen by anyone. Mother’s worries were increasing as time passed. At the same time, the girl’s younger brother told that maternal uncle (Lakhan, who lived next door to the house and whom the children called uncle) had taken Didi somewhere. Her brother told that uncle held her hand and took her out towards the road. When the family members ran towards the road, the girl was coming from the front.

On hearing the girl’s words, the mother and the people nearby ran towards the road. He went some distance when he saw the girl coming from the front crying. There was blood on the girl’s clothes. Mother got scared seeing him. He asked the girl, “What happened?” The girl hugged her mother and started crying. The mother took care of the girl and said, tell me what happened right? The girl was not able to say anything. She was crying continuously.

There were teeth marks on the girl’s chest, her body was stained with feces.

This is the same reason where the accused dragged the girl away.  Tried to make her drink alcohol and raped her.

This is the same reason where the accused dragged the girl away. Tried to make her drink alcohol and raped her.

The girl was having unbearable pain. She was fainting again and again. Mother gave him water to drink. Calmed down a bit. After some time, the girl told that the maternal uncle living in the neighborhood had come to her. He said that he would get chips and chocolates from a nearby shop. He held my hand so I went with him.

The girl told that her maternal uncle first took her to a liquor shop. Took a bottle of liquor from there. After that, when the girl insisted on going home, the accused caught hold of her hand and dragged her to a nearby deserted area. There were bushes all over the area and there was a textile mill at the back. There was less movement of people at that place.

When she screamed, he pressed her mouth. Threw him on the ground. The girl told that her uncle drank alcohol and tried to make her drink too. After drinking alcohol, the accused bit the girl several times on the chest. Raped her. After this he left her near the house and went away. The girl’s maternal aunt says that when the girl returned home, her body was stained with feces. There was blood and mud on the clothes.

The local people together beat the accused

The family reached the nearby police station with the girl and lodged an FIR against the accused.

The family reached the nearby police station with the girl and lodged an FIR against the accused.

When the family members came to know the whole story, they all ran to the accused’s house. He was lying at his home under the influence of alcohol. The people of the locality together beat the accused. After this the police was called and the whole incident was told. The accused was handed over to the police. As the condition of the accused became critical after the beating, the police have currently admitted him to the hospital for treatment.

The accused said- I had a wish for three days, it was fulfilled today
The girl’s mother could not believe that the man living next door could do this to her daughter. He shook his head. She says that the accused works in the same mill with my husband. It has been about two months since we came to this locality. He used to talk to us nicely. My children used to call him uncle.

Mother tells that we have taken care of our daughter with great difficulty. Ever since this accident happened to her, she has not slept properly even for a single night. Afraid of going to the bathroom alone. If we have to go out because of the case, she is afraid to even leave the house. The girl told her mother that after misbehaving with her, the accused told her that he was waiting for this for three days. Since then I had a desire to do this, today it was fulfilled.

At present,
A case has been registered against the accused under POCSO Act. The girl’s family wants that she should be tortured the way she tortured their daughter and the harshest punishment should be given so that their daughter can get justice.

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