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Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Bajrang Singh was born here. Studied here till 12th. Went to Kanpur for further studies. After doing engineering from Harcourt Butler College, he got selected in IIT Roorkee for M.Tech. Took part in the army recruitment rally in Roorkee itself. Got selected in the Indian Army in 1986.

Initially he was in the fighter force. After this he was sent to the mine field. After serving in different parts of the country, the last posting was in Pune. After this, he retired from the Indian Army with the rank of Colonel in 2014. Took part in running for the first time during my stay in Pune. For the first time, he qualified without preparation with his wife.

After this, the sequence of both of them started such that they have qualified in 4 out of 6 major marathons being held across the world. Have left for the fifth Berlin Marathon. Which is to be held on 24th September in Berlin, Germany. Bajrang Singh will be part of the 60-65 age category and Asha Singh will be part of the 55-60 age category.

In this picture are Colonel Bajrang Singh and his wife.  Both will participate in the Berlin Marathon on 24 September.

In this picture are Colonel Bajrang Singh and his wife. Both will participate in the Berlin Marathon on 24 September.

Bajrang is doing engineering, how did he become an army officer?
Bajrang Singh, resident of Parvarbhar village in Sultanpur, was born in 1960. Father Bhagwati Prasad Singh wanted his son to become an engineer. Bajrang was also very bright in studies. Completed his studies till 12th from Dhammaur School in Sultanpur. After this he went to Harcourt Butler College, Kanpur to pursue engineering.

From there he got selected for M.Tech in IIT Roorkee. There used to be an army recruitment rally near the college. Seeing him, Bajrang Singh started getting influenced to serve the country. Bajrang, who left home to become an engineer, now made up his mind to join the army. Joined army recruitment in 1986 and got selected in the first attempt.

This photo was taken during the Boston Marathon.  It is one of the most prominent marathons in the world.

This photo was taken during the Boston Marathon. It is one of the most prominent marathons in the world.

Started with 10 kilometer half marathon
Bajrang says that after serving in the army for 28 years, retirement was nearing. The children’s education had been completed. Everyone’s job was over. Everyone was married. Was freed from all responsibilities. You used to get worried thinking about retirement, what will be your ambition in life after this? How to keep yourself excited.

Participated in 10 kilometer regional marathon running for the first time in Pune with my wife. Qualified in the first attempt itself. Then I felt that I could run well. Gradually the kilometers increased by participating in half marathon and Bajrang kept qualifying. Almost wherever he went, he started getting podium positions. After this he started participating in marathons across the country.

Army experience came in handy for Bajrang Singh
Colonel Bajrang Singh’s last posting in the Indian Army was Pune. Regional running continued in Pune. Used to hear about running from people nearby. Had fitness because of being in the army. Made a plan to go into regional running after retirement.

Took part in the second phase of his career at the age of 56. For the first time, he participated in the 10 kilometer half marathon held in Pune in June 2016. After this, he came second in the full marathon in Goa in December 2016. Went to full marathon in Hyderabad in 2017. Got first position.

This picture is of the practice session of Bajrang Singh and Asha Singh.

This picture is of the practice session of Bajrang Singh and Asha Singh.

Completed 4 out of 6 major marathons and became a part of the fifth.
Among the most prominent marathons in the world, 6 marathons are named. The oldest is the Boston Marathon. Apart from this, London, New York City, Chicago, Berlin and Tokyo. Qualifying for the Boston Marathon is considered an achievement for any serious runner. For which Colonel Bajrang Singh along with his wife Asha Singh had qualified in 2019 and 2021. Apart from this, Bajrang has also qualified in Chicago, London and New York.

Applied for Berlin Marathon after completing four major marathons. On the basis of which both the people were selected in Berlin Marathon. Completing four major marathons means getting 4 stars. The day the world completes six major marathons, there will be six star winners. Will become 5 stars after Berlin Marathon. After this, Tokyo Marathon will be left. Which will be completed next year.

Bajrang Singh and Asha Singh are the first Indian couple to complete 3 out of 6 major marathons together. After which he has also received a medal from the International Book of World Records.

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Added good runners through social media
While searching about marathon, I came to know that there is Boston Marathon. Which is the world’s most prominent marathon. One has to qualify for that. It came to mind that it should be qualified. Which qualified in 2019. During this time, a thought came to mind that why not prepare more people from our city. Who participate in the Boston Marathon. Invited good runners from Lucknow through social media. Out of those, today 10-12 people are training together. Out of which 27 year old Raghavendra Singh and Bajrang Singh’s wife Asha Singh have also qualified. Although Asha Singh has been a part of Boston Marathon even before this.

Asha Singh housewife turned runner
Asha Singh is originally a resident of Tikri village of Ayodhya. Since his father was posted in the steel plant of Jamshedpur, he completed his studies from there. After completing her studies, she got married to Bajrang Singh. Asha Singh has been a housewife. She had completed all her responsibilities till her husband’s retirement. After this, at the age of 50, she started running with her husband and kept creating new records. Colonel Bajrang Singh and his wife Asha Singh have been a part of more than 125 regional, national and international marathons since 2016.

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Asha Singh’s records
In January 2021, he ran 114.7 kilometers in 12 hours in the half marathon held in Lucknow. This was India’s record running. People of all classes and all age groups were included in this. After this, took part in Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, Delhi on 4-5 December 2021. Where he ran 179 kilometers in 24 hours. On the basis of this, selection was made in the Asia Championship to be held in Bengaluru in July 2022.

After this, Asha Singh participated in the marathon of 7 countries including Asia-Oceania. Had the longest life expectancy. In which he won the silver medal for India by running 181 kilometers in 24 hours. Represented India in the World Marathon Championship on October 2, 2022.

Road accident happened before marathon in USA
In 2020, Bajrang Singh and Asha Singh reached USA to participate in the marathon. Where she was practicing running on the road. Then a rider hit him. Due to which his left shoulder got fractured. However, the marathon got canceled due to Covid. But even today the pain persists due to shoulder dislocation.

This picture is of London Marathon.  Its name is included in the most prominent 6 marathons of the world.

This picture is of London Marathon. Its name is included in the most prominent 6 marathons of the world.

Will spend prize money on girls’ education
Asha says that she will spend the prize money received from the marathon on the education of girls. He has an organization named Dhanraji Devi Foundation. For which a campaign has also been started in the name of Run Berlin for Girl Education. Currently, we are paying the expenses of one girl’s education through the organization. For this, a campaign is also being run on social media. Whatever funds come, they have to be spent on girls’ education.

Bajrang Singh says that in 2018, the elder son had a son, whom he had gone to America to see. Trail running was going on there at that time. In which he came first. When asked about trail running, it was said that it is conducted on broken roads. Which is in the middle of the forests. This has to be accomplished by removing trees etc. and climbing bricks.

Started from Pune but made Lucknow the workplace
Bajrang says that because he was last posted in Pune, he started from there. There was a race being held in Pune so I took part there. I have my own house in Lucknow, so after finally retiring I came here. Bajrang Singh is a resident of Sultanpur, about 150 kilometers from Lucknow.


What is the future of marathon for the youth…
Bajrang says that overall it is a matter of running. Which are short running distance races, or even marathon distance. Which also participates in the Olympic Championship. Below that is the Asian Championship or such races. There is support from the government in this.

The youth who can represent the nation. Reach Asia Championship or World Championship. Very good for them. But the long distance race started in India some time ago. In which people have started taking part. It is a bit difficult to make a career in long distance races not only in India but also in the world. But if someone has the ability to take a top position, then he can think about his career.

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