Stalin to launch multilingual ‘Speaking for India’ podcasts


Chief Minister M.K. Stalin

Chief Minister M.K. Stalin

As part of his campaign against the BJP-led Union government, DMK president and Chief Minister M.K. Stalin has decided to come out with a series of podcasts under the title, “Speaking for India.”

Translation of these Podcasts in English and other Indian languages will also be available, said a DMK press release on Thursday.

“It is the need of the hour that the DMK, which is nearing 75 years, its cadres nurtured by Anna [C.N. Annadurai] and Kalaignar [M. Karunanidhi] and the third largest party in Parliament, has to speak up for India,” Mr Stalin said while explaining the idea behind the proposed podcasts.

In a message posted on the micro-blogging website ‘X’, Mr Stalin said the audio series would touch upon “how the BJP government, which is going to end in 2024, has disfigured India and the socialistic and inclusive India the Opposition parties seek to create.”

“Awakening India’s Tomorrow, A Southern Voice Speaks for #INDIA!”, he posted referring to the opposition-led Indian National Democratic Inclusive Alliance block of which the DMK is a key constituent. “Wait for the voice that will come from the South,” he added.

The DMK party said India had no parallel as it was made of social justice, secularism, socialism, State autonomy and federalism. “One religion, one language, one food, one culture, one examination and one election are poisonous ideas that will destroy the pluralistic nature of India,” the DMK said.

The Podcasts, the DMK, said would expose the loathsome rule of the BJP government and tell the people that everyone had a duty to protect the country stretching from Kanniyakumari to Himalayas. “He would speak about the pluralistic face of India and protect the secular India made of strong states,” the party further said.


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