Haryana Nuh Violence MLA Maman Khan Police Investigation Update | Maman Khan’s mobile-laptop seized; Suspicion of deletion of call record-chatting, net ban-section 144 applied


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Congress MLA Maman Khan, accused of Haryana’s Nuh violence, will be presented in the court today. Maman Khan’s 2-day police remand has ended today. During this time, Maman Khan was taken to Nagina and Tawadu police stations and many other places and interrogated.

During remand, police seized MLA Khan’s mobile and laptop. Due to which, forensic investigation is being done on mobile conversation-chatting and social media access through laptop. Police also suspect during investigation that photos, videos, calls and chatting have been deleted from mobiles and laptops. Preparations are being made to recover it.

Police are also investigating the people who were in touch with Maman Khan so that they can also be caught in the case of spreading violence. Internet is currently closed in Nuh and Section 144 has been imposed. Apart from all the squares and checkpoints, heavy police force has been deployed in the court premises.

Police presenting Congress MLA Maman Khan in Nuh court after arresting him from Jaipur.

Police presenting Congress MLA Maman Khan in Nuh court after arresting him from Jaipur.

Maman Khan can be made an accused in many cases
According to Nuh police sources, Maman Khan may have been caught in FIR number 149 registered on August 1, but he can be included in other cases also. According to reports, Maman Khan may be named in 6 cases. 42 accused have been arrested in these cases. Paperwork is being done for this. Six FIRs have also been mentioned in the documents given to the court by the police for the remand of Maman Khan after his arrest from Jaipur.

Asked many questions to Maman Khan
According to police sources, the police SIT asked many questions to Maman Khan during his remand. He was asked where he was between 28 and 31 July. There was violence in Nuh on July 31 during the Brajmandal Yatra. What is their relation with YouTubers who upload inflammatory videos from Pakistan? How do they know Taufiq, the accused involved in the violence, and what did they talk to him about?

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Nuh SP said – MLA’s role in inflammatory propaganda is suspicious
Nuh SP Narendra Bijarnia also told the journalists through a press conference that on July 31, the day of Nuh violence, incidents of arson and vandalism had taken place around Barkali Chowk Nagina. The police investigated him. The MLA’s role was doubtful regarding the facts found during this period and his contact with the accused involved in misleading and inflammatory propaganda on social media.

Information about his presence at Barkali Chowk before the incident on the same day has also come to light in the investigation. However, MLA Maman Khan, in his plea presented in the High Court during the incident, said that he was out of the area. In such a situation, Maman Khan’s problems may increase.

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2 statements of MLA Maman Khan became a noose around the neck: Talk of tearing Monu Manesar like an onion
The reason behind Maman Khan’s arrest are those two statements which became a noose around his neck. The first statement he had given in the Haryana Assembly regarding Monu Manesar, while the second statement he had posted on Facebook just before the Nuh violence. On July 31, violence broke out during the Brajmandal Yatra in Nuh and later, along with Monu Manesar, Congress MLA Maman Khan was also accused of inciting violence. (Read full news)

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